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Varis Sul was the fifteen-year-old Tetrarch of the Bajoran Paqu village.

In 2369, she visited Deep Space 9 to negotiate a settlement over a boundary dispute with the neighboring Navot village, which almost turned into a civil war. The Paqu and Navot territories were separated by the Glyrhond River, which was diverted during the Cardassian occupation, causing the Paqu to gain twenty kilometers of territory previously owned by the Navot.

Varis had become the leader of the Paqu when her parents were killed by the Cardassians. She became friends with Nog and Jake Sisko, who gave her the idea of turning the border dispute into an opportunity. She decided to compromise by offering free trade access to both sides of the river in exchange for giving the Navot back their land.

Quark served Varis Trixian bubble juice once, but called her "little lady" while serving it to her. Varis was so offended she threw the drink in Quark's face. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

Varis Sul was played by actress Gina Philips.
The character also appears in the DS9 novel Wrath of the Prophets.

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