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Vanna Bonta

Vanna Bonta

Vanna Bonta (born 3 April 1958; age 58) is a writer, actress, poet, and inventor who wrote an undeveloped story, "Somewhen", for TNG's first season. She is best known as the author of Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, which posits life as a multiuniverse and introduces the adventures of Aira Flight, an amnesiac girl with no navel.

Her acting credits include an appearance in the 1982 cult classic movie The Beastmaster as Zed's Queen, mother of Dar, the Beastmaster. The Beastmaster also starred Tony Epper, Rod Loomis, Diamond Farnsworth, Vince Deadrick, Sr., Tommy J. Huff, Eddie Donno, Eddie Hice, Freddie Hice, and Chuck Hicks.

She is the inventor of the 2suit[1][2] , a garment that facilitates intimacy and stabilizes physical proximity in zero gravity environments, and was featured on the series The Universe in the episode "Sex in Space", which premiered on The History Channel in December 2009. In the documentary, Bonta tested her invention in zero gravity and talked about how her 2suit could be used to achieve intimacy in microgravity, a step towards the colonization of other planets.[3]


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