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This is a list of characters who have appeared in Star Trek: Vanguard.

This article lists non-canon information. Additions to the brief character definitions listed here should include only a list of appearances and a short definition of their status as of their last appearance in this series. Other non-canon appearances will not be listed here. If you want to read about their canon information, their names will be hyperlinked to their main article. The specifics of non-canon characters' appearances should be listed in the character section of each audio production, novel, comic book, or game in which they played a role.


Diego Reyes 
Commodore, commanding officer of Starbase 47.
Jon Cooper 
Commander, first officer of Starbase 47.
Vulcan lieutenant commander, Starfleet Intelligence officer of Starbase 47, living in self-imposed exile from Vulcan due to her being a val'reth- she holds the katra of her former fiance, whom she killed in the heat of pon farr, against her will; in a lesbian relationship with Anna Sandesjo/Lurqal. T'Prynn also appears in the Pocket DS9 Mission Gamma novel Lesser Evil.
Chelon ambassador from the Federation. His race resembles the Zorak from Adult Swim's "Space Ghost Coast to Coast." His senior attache is Anna Sandesjo, who had a lesbian relationship with Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn.
Ming Xiong 
Starfleet sciences division lieutenant assigned as archaeology and anthropology officer.
Ezekiel Fisher 
Chief medical officer.
Rana Desai 
Starfleet captain assigned as JAG officer, and Commodore Reyes' girlfriend.
Tim Pennington 
Journalist, working for the Federation News Service. The Pennington School of journalism, later mentioned on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, was named in his honor.
Cervantes Quinn 
Anna Sandesjo (Lurqal) 
Diplomatic attaché with a secret; also engaged in a lesbian relationship with T'Prynn despite the dishonor of such a relationship in Klingon society.
Orion merchant.