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Star Trek: Vanguard is a novel series published by Pocket Books.

The series is set aboard Starbase 47, also known as "Vanguard", a 23rd century station located in the Taurus Reach, a remote region of space, where a mix of Starfleet and civilian protagonists race to solve an ancient mystery, one that holds a highly coveted, mysterious, and potentially cataclysmic secret. The series intertwines the political and military events of Star Trek: The Original Series with the ongoing mission to uncover the truth about the so-called "Taurus meta-genome", and the alien Shedai (β).

Novels Edit

  1. Harbinger
  2. Summon the Thunder
  3. Reap the Whirlwind
  4. Open Secrets
  5. Precipice
  6. Declassified
  7. What Judgments Come
  8. Storming Heaven

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