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Chief Engineer Vanderberg was the administrative head of the Janus VI mining colony in 2267. It was under his administration that the mother Horta began her murderous rampage across the colony when automated machinery opened up a new level and accidentally destroyed thousands of eggs in the Vault of Tomorrow. Unaware of what was killing his men or why, Vanderberg called for assistance to stop the unknown creature in an effort to put production of pergium back on track.

Vanderberg's distress call was answered by the USS Enterprise, whose crew discovered the existence of the Horta race on Janus VI. Though Vanderberg first wanted the Horta destroyed, when he realized it was a sentient being whose children had been killed, he was appropriately remorseful. Vanderberg heavily benefited from an agreement negotiated by Enterprise science officer Spock – the Horta used their natural tunneling abilities to open up new sources of mineral wealth for the miners. (TOS: "The Devil in the Dark")

Vanderberg was played by Ken Lynch.

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