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Valdore-type was a Romulan warbird design active in the 24th century.

History Edit

In the year 2379, two Valdore-type starships assisted the USS Enterprise-E in attacking the rogue Reman warbird Scimitar in the Bassen Rift.

Among the ships of this type was the Valdore, under the command of Commander Donatra. Both ships were critically damaged during the battle. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Technical data Edit

Physical arrangement Edit

Similar in design to the D'deridex-class warbird, the Valdore-type was a large, fixed-wing vessel. Ships of the class had a color scheme of dark-green or brown.

With a wingspan roughly 900 meters wide, the vessel featured a large section extending forward to create a down-sloped head shape. Warp nacelles were connected at the end of each wing with impulse engines mounted aft. The hull was marked by distinctive "feather" shaped plating. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Tactical systems Edit

Ships of the Valdore-type featured several forward-mounted disruptor banks located on each wing and some on the forward section of the ship. It had at least one forward torpedo launcher able to fire four torpedoes for each recharge. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Main bridge Edit

Donatra Valdore 2

Donatra on the bridge of the Valdore

The command center of the Valdore-type consisted of a roughly circular room distinguished by several console positions.

With computers lining the rear bulkheads, a center seat or command chair and free-standing console were flanked by two additional stations.

As another contrast to the D'deridex-class, the viewscreen of the Valdore-type was oval shaped. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Ships commissioned Edit

Appendices Edit

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

Valdore type warbird bridge

Production image of bridge

In his blog, John Eaves has stated "It was always called the Valdore-class in what we were doing! and this was the signature Valdore!" [1]

The bridge of the Valdore was a redress of the bridge of the Enterprise-E. The set featured a darker, metallic-brown paint scheme and new flooring and carpet. Chairs from the USS Voyager were incorporated into the set, as was a Cardassian computer console (center) and two computers recycled from the Klingon Bird-of-Prey dating back to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The viewscreen of the Valdore was a reuse of the Son'a version from Star Trek: Insurrection.

Studio model Edit


CGI model

John Eaves has said that his design for the Valdore was based upon the previous D'deridex-class warbird, only with the lower wing removed and a sleeker edge. When a new design was deemed necessary, initially two people were assigned designing the Valdore, John Eaves and Dave Negron, Jr. Both started from the D'deridex design, but approached the new design from different angles. Eventually, Herman Zimmerman chose one of Eaves' preliminary sketches in October 2001 as a basis for further refinement of the design. [2] [3] For the surfacing detail, Eaves was inspired by the Klingon Bird-of-Prey of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, still working from the then behind-the-scenes assumption (based on an early draft of the script) that the ship was a Romulan ship stolen by the Klingons, before that theory was debunked by the series Enterprise.

After final approval of the design, the design was built as a CGI model at Digital Domain by Andy Wilkoff. [4] [5] "Andy Wilkoff was the CG artist on the Warbirds, and he did a lot of really beautiful work, too, adding personality to the the ships that wasn't there in the drawings.", Eaves commented. (Cinefex, No. 93, page 101)

Apocrypha Edit

The Star Trek Customizable Card Game refers to the Valdore-type as the Norexan-class.

The Star Trek: Titan novels from Pocket Books classify the Valdore-type as the Mogai-class, after a man-sized predatory bird native to Romulus. Star Trek Online does so as well, though it also features an upgraded version which is referred to as the Valdore-class.

According to the Titan series, the Valdore-type ships are smaller than the D'deridex vessels but are newer and more heavily armed, with more advanced weaponry. This may explain the significant difference in the appearance of this vessel's weaponry compared to that of the D'deridex which is portrayed firing bright neon green torpedoes and disruptors. Also according to the Titan series, the Valdore-type significantly outnumbers the D'deridex in terms of numbers within the fleet.

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