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Valakian shuttle

A Valakian shuttle

A Valakian shuttle was a small, pre-warp vessel dispatched by the Valakians to search for a cure for their plague. The shuttle had propulsion modules located on the flanks of the hull above the wings, tapering inward towards the rear.

In 2151, Enterprise NX-01 discovered this vessel drifting becalmed in space, its two occupants unconscious. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

In the script of "Dear Doctor", this vessel is described as "weathered." The script goes on to explain, "It is similar in size to one of Enterprise's shuttles and has the appearance of something that might have come from Earth in the early 21st Century." Indeed, the shuttle resembles a 20th century Earth spaceshuttle, with wings at either side of the hull and a tailplane on the dorsal surface, suggesting that it could be flown into an atmosphere.

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