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Valakian language

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Valakian language - sign

Valakian text on a clinic sign

The Valakian language is spoken by the Valakians, a pre-warp species that share their planet with the lesser-evolved Menk.

Only a few brief seconds of the Valakian language were heard spoken because the universal translator quickly picked it up. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

Jonathan Archer: "We... found your ship adrift. We thought we might be able to help."
Valakian: "Trenakadula ta? Morana dunnat?"
Hoshi Sato: "I need a little more."
Archer: "I'm Jonathan Archer. You're on the starship Enterprise."
Valakian: "Kandala va gonsh. Yorata vala?"
At this point the universal translator began successfully translating.

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