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Vaadwaur homeworld

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Vaadwaur homeworld
Vaadwaur homeworld.jpg

The Vaadwaur homeworld in 2376

Native Species: Vaadwaur
Location: Delta Quadrant
Vaadwaur homeworld surface.jpg

The surface of the Vaadwaur homeworld under attack during the 15th century

The Vaadwaur homeworld was a planet in the Delta Quadrant, formerly home to the Vaadwaur species.

In 1484, the planet was the site of the Vaadwaur's last stand before the Turei and their allies. The planet was the subject of a massive orbital bombardment by plasma bombs, which wiped out all life on the surface and caused a nuclear winter that rendered the planet uninhabitable for centuries. A battalion of 600 Vaadwaur managed to survive in stasis underground, along with ships and weapons.

The surviving Vaadwaur were reawakened by the crew of the USS Voyager, when they took shelter from the Turei on the planet's surface in 2376. At that time, the planet's atmosphere was still heavily contaminated with gamma radiation and radiogenic particles. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

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