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Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
The 37's 2x01 120 48975.1 1995-08-28
Initiations 2x02 121 49005.3 1995-09-04
Projections 2x03 117 48892.1 1995-09-11
Elogium 2x04 118 48921.3 1995-09-18
Non Sequitur 2x05 122 49011.0 1995-09-25
Twisted 2x06 119 Unknown 1995-10-02
Parturition 2x07 123 49068.5 1995-10-09
Persistence of Vision 2x08 124 Unknown 1995-10-30
Tattoo 2x09 125 Unknown 1995-11-06
Cold Fire 2x10 126 49164.8 1995-11-13
Maneuvers 2x11 127 49208.5 1995-11-20
Resistance 2x12 128 Unknown 1995-11-27
Prototype 2x13 129 Unknown 1996-01-15
Alliances 2x14 131 49337.4 1996-01-22
Threshold 2x15 132 49373.4 1996-01-29
Meld 2x16 133 Unknown 1996-02-05
Dreadnought 2x17 134 49447.0 1996-02-12
Death Wish 2x18 130 49301.2 1996-02-19
Lifesigns 2x19 136 49504.3 1996-02-26
Investigations 2x20 135 49485.2 1996-03-13
Deadlock 2x21 137 49548.7 1996-03-18
Innocence 2x22 138 49578.2 1996-04-08
The Thaw 2x23 139 Unknown 1996-04-29
Tuvix 2x24 140 49655.2 1996-05-06
Resolutions 2x25 141 49690.1 1996-05-13
Basics, Part I 2x26 142 Unknown 1996-05-20


Season two of Voyager continues in a tone, style and manner of story-telling very similar to that of season one.

Recurrent themes of tension and mistrust between the Starfleet and Maquis crews, although largely resolved in the season one episode "Learning Curve", once again resurface in "Maneuvers" and "Meld". Inter-crew relations are brought to a head while under intense, continuous attack by the Kazon in "Alliances", and when Janeway is cajoled into initiating a Maquis-led idea of a deal between the USS Voyager and the warring Kazon factions, narrowly averted disaster is enough to quell the two crews into a marriage of Starfleet ideals and ethics. Indeed, increased, and more dramatic conflict between Voyager and the Kazon is the main feature of the second season, aided and abetted as the Kazon are by the vengefully villainous and by now, more Cardassian looking Seska. Her vendetta against Janeway brings Voyager to the brink of destruction more than once during the season in "Maneuvers", "Alliances", and "Investigations", and culminates in the season finale "Basics, Part I" when Voyager's crew is marooned by Seska and Culluh of the Kazon-Nistrim on a world inhabited by dinosaurs and prehistoric humanoids.

Alongside the Seska/Kazon story arc of the second season sits another spy in Voyager's ranks. Michael Jonas, a disillusioned former Maquis crewmember assigned to engineering is revealed to have been secretly communicating with Seska as she attempts to seize control of Voyager. Events leading up to the exposure of Jonas traverse the entire middle of the season, as does Tom Paris' apparent malcontent and ultimate decision to leave Voyager (revealed in "Investigations" as an attempt by Tuvok and Janeway to ascertain who the spy is).

With Seska and the conflict with the Kazon as central themes, the rest of the season continues to develop the main characters, and more particularly their relationship to each other. Of singular note is the birth (in "Deadlock") of Ensign Samantha Wildman's baby, Naomi, but firm bonds and friendships develop between individual crew members as the series continues to evolve and find its feet. A connection between Paris and B'Elanna Torres is hinted at as she confides past mistakes to him and communicates concern at his increasingly errant behavior in "Dreadnought". Paris also finally makes peace with Neelix when forced to work together to ensure their survival in "Parturition". Kes and The Doctor's relationship solidifies in "Elogium" and "Lifesigns", and Kes's trust in Tuvok is pivotal when dealing with her burgeoning and uncontrollable mental abilities in "Cold Fire". Tuvok and Neelix continue to make the perfect "odd couple" but their pairing takes on special significance when a transporter accident fuses them into a single being in "Tuvix". Finally and conclusively, Janeway and Chakotay find a common understanding, and any allusions to a romantic interest between the two is finally laid to rest in "Resolutions".

"I didn't feel as if I could have a love-affair with the second-in-command because, I had to get these people home.. I got them lost, and I really couldn't be doing things in the Ready Room" : - Kate Mulgrew (speaking at Sacremento, USA Convention 2003 (uploaded on YouTube))

A few of these relationships, though in their infancy in season two would go on to become increasingly important as the series moved on.

Season two encompassed a dark time for the franchise, with dwindling audience numbers, and still no obvious signs of a singular direction producers wished the series to go in. Problems of direction can be seen with the one and only appearance of the female Caretaker, Suspiria, which was included as a possible "get-out" clause should the series ultimately fail. Appearances by John de Lancie as Q and Jonathan Frakes as William T. Riker in "Death Wish" were obvious attempts to re-invigorate the series, but episodes such as "Threshold" where Paris breaks the warp 10 barrier and evolves into a "salamander" did little to silence Voyager's critics.

It is perhaps indicative of the conundrum facing producers at the time, that the heavy reliance during the second season on stories involving the Kazon (never a popular species with fans) was quietly relinquished as Voyager moved beyond Kazon territory at the start of season three. The species would be revisited retrospectively in season seven's "Shattered", but apart from brief appearances in season four's "Living Witness", season five's "Relativity" and a couple of conversational "nods" in season four's "The Raven" and season five's "Counterpoint", the Kazon were not heard of again.




Season 2 cast

Also Starring


The following credits are based on the production order of the episodes. Note that "Projections", "Elogium", "Twisted", and "The 37's" were filmed as part of season one.

Theme by: Jerry Goldsmith
Line Producer: Brad Yacobian ("Initiations"–"Basics, Part I")

  • Brannon Braga ("Projections"–"The 37's")
  • Merri Howard (credited as Merri D. Howard beginning with "Deadlock")
  • Peter Lauritson ("Projections"–"The 37's")
  • Wendy Neuss ("Initiations"–"Basics, Part I")
Supervising Producers
  • David Livingston ("Projections"–"The 37's")
  • Peter Lauritson ("Initiations"–"Basics, Part I")
  • Brannon Braga ("Initiations"–"Basics, Part I")
Executive Producers

Executive Story Editor: Kenneth Biller ("Projections"–"Meld")

Music by
  • Paul Baillargeon ("Lifesigns")
  • David Bell ("Projections", "Persistence of Vision", "Meld", "The Thaw")
  • Jay Chattaway ("Twisted", "Non Sequitur", "Maneuvers", "Death Wish", "Threshold", "Investigations", "Innocence", "Tuvix")
  • Dennis McCarthy ("Elogium", "The 37's", "Initiations", "Parturition", "Tattoo", "Cold Fire", "Resistance", "Prototype", "Alliances", "Dreadnought", "Deadlock", "Resolutions", "Basics, Part I")
Director of Photography
  • Marvin V. Rush, ASC ("Projections"–"Deadlock", "Tuvix"–)
  • Doug Knapp ("Innocence", "The Thaw") (credited as Douglas H. Knapp)

Production Designer: Richard D. James

  • Daryl Baskin (every third episode after and including "Twisted")
  • Tom Benko, ACE (every third episode after and including "Elogium")
  • Robert Lederman (every third episode after and including "Projections")

Unit Production Manager: Brad Yacobian

First Assistant Directors
Second Assistant Director
  • Michael DeMeritt ("The Thaw", "Tuvix")
  • Arlene Fukai ("Projections"–"Innocence", "Resolutions", "Basics, Part I")
Casting by
Original Casting

Casting Executive: Helen Mossler, CSA
Costume Designer: Robert Blackman

Set Decorator

Visual Effects Producer: Dan Curry

Visual Effects Supervisors

Post Production Supervisor: Dawn Velazquez
Supervising Editor: J.P. Farrell
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant: Michael Okuda ("Projections"–"Deadlock")
Scenic Art Consultant: Michael Okuda ("Innocence"–"Basics, Part I")
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant: Rick Sternbach
Make-Up Designed and Supervised by: Michael Westmore

Art Director
Set Designers
Assistant Editors
Visual Effects Coordinators
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
  • Edward L. Williams (all episodes except "The Thaw")
Visual Effects Associate
  • Arthur J. Codron ("Projections"–"The 37's")
  • Cheryl Gluckstern ("Initiations"–"Basics, Part I")

Script Supervisor: Cosmo Genovese
Special Effects: Dick Brownfield
Property Master: Alan Sims
Construction Coordinator: Al Smutko

Scenic Artists

Junior Illustrator: Jim Magdaleno (even-numbered episodes from "Prototype" through "Resolutions", except for "The Thaw")
Video Coordinator: Denise Okuda

Hair Designer
Make-Up Artists
  • Tina Hoffman ("Elogium"–"The 37's", "Non Sequitur"–"Persistence of Vision", "Cold Fire"–"Resistance", "Death Wish"–"Threshold", "Dreadnought"–"Lifesigns", "Innocence", "The Thaw", "Basics, Part I")
  • Gil Mosko ("Innocence"–"Tuvix")
  • Greg Nelson ("Projections", "Twisted"–"Initiations", "Parturition"–"Tattoo", "Maneuvers"–"Prototype", "Alliances"–"Meld", "Investigations"–"Deadlock", "The Thaw"–"Resolutions")
  • Mark Shostrom ("Projections", "Elogium", "The 37's"–"Non Sequitur", "Persistence of Vision"–"Cold Fire", "Resistance"–"Death Wish", "Threshold"–"Dreadnought", "Lifesigns", "Deadlock", "Tuvix"–"Basics, Part I")
  • Scott Wheeler ("Projections"–"Twisted", "Initiations"–"Parturition", "Tattoo"–"Maneuvers", "Prototype"–"Alliances", "Meld"–"Investigations", "Deadlock", "Innocence", "Resolutions", "Basics, Part I")
Hair Stylists
Wardrobe Supervisors
  • Camille Argus ("Projections", "Twisted", even-numbered episodes from "Non Sequitur'" through "Basics, Part I")
  • Carol Kunz ("Elogium", "The 37's", odd-numbered episodes from "Initiations" through "Resolutions")

Sound Mixer: Alan Bernard, CAS

Camera Operator
  • Joe Chess, SOC ("Projections"–"The 37's")
  • Doug Knapp, SOC ("Initiations"–"Deadlock", "Tuvix"–"Basics, Part I")
  • Ron E. High, SOC ("Innocence", "The Thaw")

Chief Lighting Technician: Bill Peets

First Company Grip
Key Costumers
  • Matt Hoffman ("Elogium", "The 37's", odd-numbered episodes from "Initiations" through "Resolutions")
  • Kimberley Shull ("Projections", "Twisted", even-numbered episodes from "Persistence of Vision" through "Basics, Part I")
  • Jamie Thomas ("Projections", "Twisted", even-numbered episodes from "Non Sequitur" through "Basics, Part I")
  • Tom Siegel ("Elogium", "The 37's", "Initiations"–"Parturition", odd-numbered episodes from "Tattoo" through "Resolutions")

Music Editor: Gerry Sackman
Supervising Sound Editor: Bill Wistrom
Supervising Sound Effects Editor: Jim Wolvington

Sound Editors

Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Castro ("The Thaw"–"Basics, Part I")
Production Coordinator: Diane Overdiek

Post Production Coordinator
Production Associates

Pre-Production Coordinator: Lolita Fatjo
Stunt Coordinator: Dennis Madalone ("Projections", "Elogium", "The 37's"–"Persistence of Vision", "Cold Fire"–"Resistance", "Alliances", "Threshold", "Investigations", "Deadlock", "The Thaw", "Basics, Part I")
Location Manager: Lisa White ("The 37's", "Initiations", "Tattoo", "Death Wish", "Resolutions", "Basics, Part I")
Science Consultant: André Bormanis

Main Title Design by

Colorization: CST Entertainment, Inc. ("Cold Fire")
Post Production Sound: Modern Sound
Filmed with: Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Motion Control Photography: Image G

Digital Optical Effects

Special Video Compositing: CIS, Hollywood
Computer Generated Imagery: Pacific Ocean Post ("Threshold")

Computer Animation
  • Amblin Imaging ("Threshold")
  • Santa Barbara Studios ("Elogium", "The 37's", "Cold Fire", "Death Wish", "Lifesigns")
  • VisionArt Design & Animation ("Non Sequitur", "Persistence of Vision", "Cold Fire", "Dreadnought")

Editing Facilities: Unitel Video

Computer Generated Effects
  • Amblin Imaging ("Twisted", "Parturition", "Prototype", "Investigations")
  • Digital Muse ("Deadlock", "Innocence", "Basics, Part I")
  • Foundation Imaging ("Basics, Part I")
  • VisionArts Design & Animation ("Basics, Part I")

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