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Uxal was an M-class planet in grid 310 in the Delta Quadrant. The planet was populated by a pre-warp civilization (the Uxali) until the turn of the 23rd century, when the Friendship 1 probe from Earth landed on the planet.

The inhabitants studied the probe, which provided the means to develop many technologies, including warp drive and antimatter weapons. Tensions rose between the rival Uxali groups as they developed antimatter missiles which were only planned for use as defensive weapons. However the failure of a power grid in one the missile silos released antimatter into the planet's atmosphere, destroying most of the planet's surface, killing most of the planet's population, and poisoning the survivors with antimatter radiation, thus sending Uxal into a state of nuclear winter.

In 2378, the USS Voyager neutralized the antimatter radiation, restoring Uxal's atmosphere. (VOY: "Friendship One")

According to Star Trek: Star Charts, Uxal is the sixth planet in its system.

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