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An ushaan-tor

The ushaan-tor was an Andorian ice miner's tool that was also used as a weapon in Ushaan duels. Andorians played with them as children.

Shran and Jonathan Archer utilized ushaan-tors during their Ushaan duel aboard Enterprise in 2154. The duel ended when Archer used his ushaan-tor to lop off one of Shran's antennae. (ENT: "United")

In the final draft script of "United", the ushaan-tor was described as "a dangerous-looking Andorian weapon."
The ushaan-tor seems to be inspired by the "chaka," a non-canon Andorian weapon seen in Among the Clans, which inspired several aspects of Andorian culture. It closely resembles an Ulu, a cutting tool still used today in both Alaska and Canada by the native Inuit.

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