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Gral and Shran call a truce


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The Enterprise Z would probably be somewhere in or after the 40th Century because the further into the future the more resilent ships would be. Some concepts for 40th century ships would be any way you want to design them, encircled by a new type of energy shield that would protect in almost any circumstance. It could even protect the ship within 100,000 kilometers of a super nova. The ship could not only travel in time but to different dimensions and alternate realities. Not only could it travel at conventional warp speeds to 9.9999, it could also fold space and go to any point in the universe in an instant. By the 40th century 90 percent of the universe had been explored not just the milky way galaxy. It wouldn't have conventional phasers but something like a zero point weapon instead. Holodecks would be much the same. Food replicators could reproduce any food in the universe. Star Fleet personal would have personal shields and anti-gravity uniforms with micro thrusters that could make someone fly like Superman. New glass inventions that are tougher than duranium could be used to make totally glass observation decks in ships and space stations.

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