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Why does it say "Shakespeare and Star Trek"? Edit

Under "See Also"? What's the connection? Did Shakespeare "meet the Army"? -unsigned anon user 3/27/08

The inappropriateness of this article to be on Memory Alpha was also applied to the Shakespeare article but, unlike this one, that article didn't come under such heavy fire. -FC 18:47, 27 March 2008 (UTC)
yeah but the subjects are not related in any way. Not in-universe, and not in the real world either. Why would someone reading the article want to "see shakespeare"? it's like putting "see also: San Francisco" on the New Orleans page because you have a personal opinion about one of those cities and you also happen to have an opinion about the other city too - maybe not even the same opinion. But it's a close enough connection, so, the next thing is that somebody goes to see the San Francisco page, reads it top to bottom, and says "Why the hell did I see this page, now? It doesn't say anything about New Orleans." Who cares that there's not any information about New Orleans in the San Francisco article? They ought to be cross-referenced because some Wiki contributor knows somebody from Boston, so, "See also: some other page I was talking to some other contributor about one time, I think." -unsigned anon user 3/27/08
Thanks for your...opinion. Since this is an article on my user page which isnt ever going to be on Memory Alpha, I think we don't need to discuss this anymore. -FC 02:25, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

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