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Browser Trouble Edit

I'm having trouble with the browser(s) I'm used because they won't open links properly. Before you ask, I don't even touch IE and I've gone from Firefox to Netscape (which seem identical pretty much to me). I've *attempted* to use Safari and Opera and it got to the point where they wouldn't even work (Safari wouldn't load anything). Anyways, I digress. So, when I go to open a new link in a new tab, it doesn't load. The tab will have the "(Untitled)" thing, but when it first opens for a second it will load, but stops.

So, when I go to that tab, I can click the "go" button to get the page to load. Most times it won't (just do the second or two load). Eventually, I will catch it on a load when it will do it properly-ish. I've noticed a couple of times (especially with Facebook) that it will not load the screen properly, or pictures won't appear, etc.

Also, with login pages, where you enter your username/password and click sign-in to enter your information, when you press the button, it will not do anything. I've tried re-clicking the button, but it's like it's not even there. I need to refresh, re-fill my info in and keep doing that until it will actually send the information and log me in.

It started with Firefox and I dealt with it for a long time, but when it got to the point that when I tried to get to Mozilla's bug forums and it took me about 45 minutes (along with a dozen false "no connection" messages) I called it quits and switched to Netscape. I find the same problems with Netscape that happened on FF, but they seem to be not as bad at first, but they're getting worse.

The only problem I can think of (but it's recent) is I installed System Mechanic 7 and it configured my internet settings for 'maximum speed' but that was recently (less then a month ago, roughly) and the problems been going on for months now.

I'm so lost, and I need your guys expertise. Advice?

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