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NOTE: This page is old. I made it when I was about 15 or so, with lots to learn. My opinions have changed drastically since then, so please don't take anything I say here seriously today. Nevertheless, I still love the Miranda and K't'inga class, and I will keep this here for posterity.

I'm Zorgon, and I'm new to Memory Alpha, although I am not new to Wikiing, as I have been a member of Wikipedia for over a year under the same name.

My favourite class of starship is the Miranda-class. I eagerly await Star Trek Online, and hope to get a Miranda class vessel (at least for personal use) and upgrade it to the max. I hope it is still around during the late 24th, early 25th century (time the game will take place) and will be in the game.

My least favourite class of starship is the Galaxy-class. It is a huge waste or rescources, a huge luxury sedan of a vessel, if you will. You can make the excuse that it is for science, combat, can exploration, but a science vessel and a Miranda-class could accompish just as much, while probobly wasting less rescources and people. It is such a waste of rescources, and they even came up with a cost effective version (Nebula-class)! Also, the Federation cant even go for 20 years without going into war! So why waste on a huge exploration/combat combo? Exactly.

As far as Klingon ships go, my favourite class is K't'inga class.

For Romulan ships, my favourite class is the D'deridex-class.

All in all, my favourite is the Miranda-class, a nice, flexible light cruiser.

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