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October 24, 2006
Name: Zeddicus Zul'Zorander
Rank: Ensign
Gender: Male
DOB: 1988
Real Name:
Current Location:
Favorite Series: Voyager
Favorite Movie: Star Trek: Nemesis
Favorite Species: Romulans (changes on a daily basis)
Memory Alpha: Babel
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Hi! I am Ensign Zeddicus Zul'Zorander, I am 18 years old, and I actually just discovered my love for Star Trek in 2004. Since then, I have watched every episode of TNG, DS:9, and Voyager, in addition to seeing the 4 movies in the TNG era. I personally like TOS the least (the technology is what does it for me, and TOS is kind of lacking in that area), and Voyager the best. However, TNG and DS:9 pull a close second. I especially like the more modern episodes, plus the 4 TNG movies. I just recently admitted to myself that I enjoy trolling Memory Alpha, and decided to start editing pages. To date, all of my edits have been minor ones, such as increasing professionalism in writing or adding facts. If I write a full article or add a large section to a pre-existing one, I will post news of it here. I would appreciate any help any established editors could give me.

For any of you who are curious, my name comes from the book series The Sword of Truth, a fantasy series in which the First Wizard (most powerful spellcaster in existance) is named Zeddicus Zul'Zorander. If you are into fantasy, I highly recommend the series. The first book is called Wizard's First Rule.

This user's MA rank is Ensign.

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