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Name: Xavius
Species: "Species 8472"
Date Of Birth: 47th Nerguu of Qanxea, 588^3~11
Home/Place of Birth: Fluidic space
Favourite Series: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Favourite Captain: Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko
Favourite Food: Ferengi, eeh, I mean pasta.
Favorite Starships: Aside from the Bioship, I also enjoy the aesthetics, power, and function of the *takes deep breath* Borg cube, Borg Queen's vessel, Defiant-class starship, D'deridex-class warbird, Scimitar, Bajoran lightship, Galor-class cruiser, Dauntless-class (imaginary) starship, Galaxy-class starship, Intrepid-class starship, Prometheus-class starship, Sovereign-class starship, Wells-class timeship, Vor'cha-class attack cruiser, Scorpion-class fighter, Valdore-type warbird, and D'Kyr-type cruiser *gasp*.

I am Xavius, emissary of what you void-spacers refer to as "Species 8472". Your political and military structures are infiltrated at the highest level. Our armada is waiting for the order to strike. Your galaxy will be purified.

Species 8472 close-up

We. Supremacy.

Voyager fluidic space

Intruders. Fools.

Species 8472 working on console

Diligence. Superiority.

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