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February 18, 2008

Who am I? LT. Stull, Chief Science Officer, USS Haven NCC-55459; I'm also on the officer exchange program as Science Officer of the IKS Ancient One. I've been into Trek my entire life, thanks to my Mom who is one of the orginal Trekkers. I'm also a veteran editor of Wikipedia and look forward to expanding the world of Trek both here and on Wikipedia.

"Fortune Favors the bold"
User: The Troy
Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine
Favorite Regular Characters: Worf, Ben Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Beverly Crusher
Favorite Recurring Characters: Kang, William Ross
Favorite Ships: IKS Negh'Var, USS Defiant, USS Enterprise-E
Favorite Episode: "Redemption", "The Way of the Warrior", "Attached", "In the Pale Moonlight", "The Hunted", "Rocks and Shoals",
Occupation: Student/Soldier
Location: Orlando, Florida, Earth
Number of edits: 107
Jadzia (mirror), Through the looking glass
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Goals: Improve Awards of the American military and Star Trek CCG Convince Terry Farrell to run off into the sun-set with me.

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