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Not much to say. I occassionally visit here to research useful stuff for holotrek, but that's about it.

Current ProjectEdit

Adapting Velocity and various other 1v1 competative Star Trek sports to a MU* environment.


Holotrek-If you want to check us out, you can use the java client, but I recommend using a descent/good Telnet client, especially MUSHClient( port 1701).

Holotrek is a Star Trek MU*, with coding based off of ColdCore. Current active orgs are the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Rihannsu Star Empire(or Romulan Star Empire).
Oh, and Enterprise and Voyager are not considered canon within our world.. Mostly because there wasn't any Marquis activity to incite the chain of events in Voyager, and because Enterprise conflicted with too much other canonical information.

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