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Operation Fort Knox, Denobulan medical database, Cyberneticist, Minister of Security, Sikla Medical Facility, Starfleet Emergency Medical Course, Chocolate chip, Rodent, Denobulan shuttle, Observatory, Jam, Marmalade, Vehicle classification index, Sundial, Angel Falls, Croissant, Torres Zeta-1, Spaceframe development, Plasma dynamics, Field notes, Security log, Tactician, Tactical analysis, Gypsy, Captains' Logs Supplemental - The Unauthorized Guide to the New Trek Voyages, Sculptor, Placebo, Survival training, Gas grenade, Cafe, Crowbar, Lunch, Targ milk, Paint, Flight Test, Flight test, Cockpit, Gremlin, Class reunion, Computer core processor, Tactical officer's log, Ba'ku fish, Manual restart, Crepe, Modulating phaser pulse, Supervisor, Eavesdropping device, Transporter protocol 5, Inkarian wool, Denobulan medical ship, Blood chemistry, Mineralogist, Raven Software, Warrior, Maria Tatallia, Maintenance Engineer, First Class, Species 6339 shuttlecraft, Smoke grenade, control room, Bellboy, Killalow, Deep space assignment, Straw, Straw (grain), Dueling pistol, Microfusion flare,Chemical rocket, Vulcan Intelligence, Coffin, Preemptive strike, surgical strike, Class-5 intelligence drone, Kobliad transport ship, Medical emergency, Fiancé, Hammer, Gravimetric wave, Hirogen training facility, Crown, Nursery rhyme, Taresian starship, Nasari starship, Brunali transport vessel, Plasma vent, Triannon vessel, Subspace turbulence, Ledosian patrol ship, Ocular node, Fructose, Mislenite freighter, Kostolain starship, Dralian vessel, Ankari vessel, Andorian shuttle, Banean warship, Cardassian escape pod, Cytoplasmic lifeform vessel, Coridan starship, Brenari freighter, Deltan ship, Dilithium barge, Klingon shuttlecraft, Tak Tak starship, Voth research vessel, Etanian starship, Jelinian freighter, Kantare escape pod, Kelvan life craft, Kovaalan starship, Kraylor warship, Malon transport ship, Malon warp ship, Ramuran vessel, Srivani vessel, Rukani vessel, Serosian vessel, Skagaran starship, Suliban transport, Tandaran transport, Telsian freighter, Tesnian starship, Tesnian escape pod, Turei vessel, Vulcan survey ship (22nd century), Zibalian escape pod, Daviomeisi, Balter, Fleet Supply Office, I. Iozhuayan, G. Faith, I. Ochray, A. Stohatta, Sweem, Ombudsman, I. Espevik, R. Rechelia, Personnel Deployment, U. Eroreich, M. Peiko, M. Profitt, Ramcharran, Perimeter grid, Hazard level, Polaron beam, Fragmentation grenade, Dynamite, Resistance movement, Chicken and the Egg, Surveillance device, Cerebrospinal nerve cell, Emergency escape protocol, Basilar artery, Microcellular adhesive, Handcuffs, Cargo lift, Shower, Invernian, Oxygene, Push-up, Neon sign, Federation Archaeological Survey, Bookkeeper, Artisan, Grocer, Singer, SONAR, Steven Baum, Croupier, Mark Jones, Lance Parkin, Nail, Saw, Magnet

Articles I have improved...

Time's Enemy Rewrote summary, added several quotes and expanded background section.
Star Trek: Nero -
One, Two, Three, Four
Added summaries, memorable quotes and reference sections along with some images.
Authors, Actors and Production Staff
Peter Mensah Expanded to include personal history and more film/TV appearances and rewrote to be more updated. Also included sidebar with new picture.
Dafydd ab Hugh Expanded from stub to include more history + wikipedia link and DoB.
Wade Andrew Williams Expanded to include sidebar with more info. Also added personal history and a few more of his appearances. Rewrote Prison Break section to correct tense as show has now finished.
Randy Oglesby Expanded from stub with sidebar information and more TV and film roles.
Daphne Ashbrook Wrote the entire article and incorporated sidebar.
Susanna Thompson Wrote the entire article and incorporated sidebar with more recent image.
John Putch Expanded main text considerably with information from a 2007 interview and incorporated sidebar with recent picture. Also added several episodes and films he has directed and some background information for his Star Trek characters.
"Evolution" Wrote the episode summary, added images, quotes and background information.
"Visionary" Rewrote the entire summary in the Act format, added more images aswell as background information. Also re-organised the background section into subheadings.
"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" Wrote the entire summary, added numerous images and background information.
"Melora" Wrote the entire summary with numerous images. Also added quotes, background info (with sketches and production photos) and references.
"Rivals" Wrote the entire summary with numerous images. Also added quotes, background info and references.
"Whispers" Wrote the entire summary with numerous images. Also added quotes, background info and references.
"Destiny" Wrote the entire summary with numerous images. Also added quotes, background info and references.
Jonathan Archer Re-named headers to be more consistent and expanded on some points in the article, most notably the relationships section. Included some more images where the article was lacking and added the "Alternate realities and timelines", "Memorable Quotes" and "Apocrypha" sections.
Reginald Barclay Re-worded the main body and apocrypha section and added the "Struggle with holo-addiction", "Personal relationships", "Alternate realities and timelines", "Holographic duplicates" and "Memorable quotes" sections. Also included numerous images to compliment the text as well as the image of the Barclay action figure and the screenshot from Star Trek: Elite Force II.
Melora Pazlar Rewrote the article to be more in-depth and flow better. Also added the "Personal Life", "Starfleet Career", "Personal Relationships" and "Memorable Quotes" sections and numerous amounts of background information and apocrypha.
Simon Tarses Added sidebar with relevant information and expanded background information and apocrypha sections. Also added the image of Tarses' personnel file from Star Trek: Starship Creator.
Robert DeSoto Added sidebar with relevant information and expanded background information and apocrypha sections. Also added two external links.
Mordock Minor expansion to the main body. Also added background information (with image) and external links.
Mendon Added background information (TNG companion note, actor interview, script and makeup info) and external links.
Jil Orra Added sidebar along with background information from the script, apocrypha notes and external links. Also uploaded better quality image.
Tuvix Expanded article text with more information and added "memorable quotes" section, lots of background notes, images and an external link.
Li Nalas Expanded article text with more information and added "memorable quotes" section along with background and apocrypha notes.
Dathon Rewrote article to be more encyclopaedic and didn't flow very well before. Also added background notes, apocrypha and an external link.
Yarka Rewrote slightly and added sidebar, background information, apocrypha notes and two external links.
Species 10026 homeworld Expanded from stub. Incorporated events from "Dark Frontier" into article.
Lake Added references from "Attached", "It's Only a Paper Moon", "Vis à Vis", "Coda", "The Swarm", "Rightful Heir", "The Disease", "Homestead", Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection, and added two images.
Psilosynine Added references from "Dark Page" and "Eye of the Beholder".
Kolem Expanded from stub, with the reference from "The Next Phase".
Diamagnetic storm Expanded from stub. Rewrote article and added image of storm from "Vanishing Point".
Gamelan V native Expanded from stub. Added reference from TNG: "Final Mission".
Yost's species Expanded from stub. Added references from "Gravity" and "Tsunkatse".
Umali's species Expanded from stub. Added reference from "Workforce".
Benzite Expanded to include sidebar and more information in main body. Also included several pieces of background information and apocrypha along with an image of the "Mordock the Benzite" action figure and two external links.
El-Adrel IV lifeform Rewrote article and added numerous background notes and citations.
Satarran Added sidebar and addition to current background note about the Satarran makeup. Also added image of the head and torso and an external link.
Annari warship (2377) Expanded from stub. Added further references from "Nightingale" and added image of Annari warships attacking the Nightingale.
Nerada Expanded from stub. Added further references from "Favorite Son".
Xindi-Primate starship Expanded from stub. Added further references from "", "The Council" and "Countdown".
Nygean starship Expanded from stub, with the reference from "Repentance".
ISS Defiant Added two further images and expanded on numerous points in the article with reference to the episodes "Shattered Mirror" and "The Emperor's New Cloak". Also added two background notes with a reference image.
Fire extinguisher Added references from "Fallen Hero", "The Forgotten", "Azati Prime", "The Siege", "The Die is Cast", "Rejoined" and "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" and added image of standard Starfleet fire extinguisher, and images of Dax and Weyoun putting fires out.
Landing pad Expanded to include references from ENT episodes "Broken Bow" and "The Seventh". Also incorporated "Landing pads and uses" section into main body and added images of Rigel X and Pernaia Prime landing pads, and the runabout Yangtze Kiang on the pad
RADAR Expanded considerably to include references from TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday" (with image of RADAR screen) and VOY: "Future's End".
Oven Expanded from stub to include references to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, "Final Mission", "Remember" and "Shadows and Symbols". Also added an external link.
Qatai's shuttle Expanded from stub by adding more information along with the sidebar, "Interior" section (and image), "Armaments" section (and image) and external link.
State of emergency Rewrote and expanded from stub.
Beta Hirogen Expanded from stub. Added references from "Hunters", "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II" and "Flesh and Blood" and added image of Turanj.
Education Expanded from stub, added citations and inserted images of Starfleet Academy and the school on DS9.

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