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I have been using the nick tkhobbes for almost 10 years now - in various chat-rooms, forums etc. In fact, it has become my second identity... You may call me Thomas, if you like, but tkhobbes is just fine.

Star Trek Edit

My all-time favourite is DS9. I liked TNG when it first aired, but DS9 is the only show I can watch over and over again. Guess it must be the soap-opera-effect... :)

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# of my edits: 107

Novels Edit

I started reading the DS9 relaunch novels, but recently turned towards others as well.

DS9 "Relaunch" Edit

I am enjoying the "series" of novels very much up to now. I have provided summaries for the first couple of novels here on MA - here's the full list of novels I own, in order of supposed reading, including a short rating:

Title Rating (out of 5)*
The Lives of Dax The Lives of Dax 3 (some good, some not so good stories); note that this is not, by definition, a "Relaunch" novel, however, as the frame-story around Ezri Dax plays after DS9: "What You Leave Behind", I have included it here, and also because at least one of the stories, "Sins of the Mother", has a close tie-in to some of the later relaunch-novels
Avatar, Book One cover Avatar, Book One & Avatar, Book Two 5 (the "pilot" - matches the DS9 feeling absolutely!)
Abyss Abyss (part of the Star Trek: Section 31 mini-series, but great to read stand-alone) 5 (thrilling)
Demons of Air and Darkness cover Demons of Air and Darkness & the DS9-part of What Lay Beyond (part of the Gateways mini-series) 3 (ok, nothing special with the exception of the Quark / Ro episode)
Twilight novel cover Twilight (part 1 of the Mission Gamma mini-series) 3 (if not for the "Alpha Quadrant" stuff, this is not a very interesting novel - the aliens are too... alien, and there is no familiar stuff to work with in the Gamma quadrant; however, some important relationships are explored, so this is still a "must-read")
This Gray Spirit This Gray Spirit (part 2 of the Mission Gamma mini series; here, I only reformatted the existing summary and added some bits and peaces) 2 (terrible - the Gamma quadrant parts were really "painful" to read, I have to say, and again, if not for the Alpha quadrant parts, this can be skipped (although the Yrynthy eggs play an important role later)
Cathedral Cathedral (part 3 of the Mission Gamma mini-series) 3 (better again; some interesting explorations of the personalities of Julian, Nog and Ezri; also, there is important stuff about Bajor and Joseph Sisko in here)
Lesser Evil Lesser Evil (part 4 of the Mission Gamma mini-series) 4 (the best of the Mission Gamma series - the Trills, Bajoran at the edge of being a Federation members, the Borg and the changelings - great!)
Rising Son Rising Son 3 (better than anticipated, but a lot of stuff that has only Jake Sisko as a familiar character in)
Unity cover Unity ("season 8th's finale", I suppose) 5 (wow - what a big bang!)
Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 1: Cardassia and Andor 3 (Cardassia - good in terms of "the arc" and the O'Briens, but weak in terms of the story itself) / 1 (Andor - my god, not even the Shar / Prynn story is... romantic...)
Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine 2 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 2: Trill and Bajor 5 (Trill - I just LOVE the parasite story arc!) / 5 (Bajor - great, loads of stuff develops and the picture is set for future novels!)
Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine 3 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 3: The Dominion and Ferenginar 4 (Ferenginar - a fun novel, just as you would expect from any Ferengi "episode" - maybe a little too light-hearted) / 5 (The Dominion - WHOA, what a story! A lot about the changelings is revealed, and the end of this story leaves nothing as it used to be - no Dominion any more, Kira and Ro both lethally hurted.... what next??)
Warpath Warpath 3 (I was eager to know what happened next; but the Kira part is dull, and the story sometimes confusing - nevertheless, a thrilling novel with another cliffhanger at the end...)
Fearful Symmetry cover Fearful Symmetry 3 (there are two parts in this novel; while both parts are thrilling and good to read, I decided to give only a "3" here - as the storyline does not really advance: the first part is all about "what to do next", and while there ARE some relevations, it's basically only some orb-experiences and some talking; the second part is all flash-back)
The Soul Key cover The Soul Key 3 (well - the story finally advances, and if not for the long wait and for continuity, I'd probably give this a 2... but at least, some of the story elements are driven forward...)
The Never Ending Sacrifice cover The Never-Ending Sacrifice 3 (a good read, but somewhat... arbitrary; not a lot of things that we did not already know. A classic "coming of age" story)
Zero Sum Game cover Zero Sum Game 4 (Intriguing and fun - Bashir just makes a good spy, and the Breen story isn't too bad neither. The best of the Typhon Pact series)
Rough Beasts of Empire cover Rough Beasts of Empire 3 (good to know what is going on with Spock, the romulan empires, as well as Sisko; however, the story is very dark and somehow, everything resolves too quickly)

TNG Relaunch Edit

There is also kind of a "TNG Relaunch" which I start to like. I include "Taking Wing" here, as it clears a lot of questions regarding Romulus, Spock and the events following Nemesis directly.

Title Rating (out of 5)*
Crossover Novel Crossover 4 (ties in a lot of open ends and questions, and the idea of bringing TNG-era Spock, Scotty and McCoy together is really good, however, McCoy is described a little odd...)
The Dominion War Book 1 The Dominion War: Behind Enemy Lines 3 (I'd given a 4, because it's absolutely thrilling, but - somehow Picard is not the Picard we know from the show (too much "Bruce Willis"...) and second, you know the end after the first few pages...)
The Dominion War Book 2 The Dominion War: Call to Arms still reading
The Dominion War Book 3 The Dominion War: Tunnel Through the Stars still reading
The Dominion War Book 4 The Dominion War: Sacrifice of Angels still reading
Taking Wing cover Taking Wing 4 (a lot of open ends are taken up here, Riker's assignment, the state of Romulus after Nemesis, Spock's unification movement... in sum a great novel, a good launch to the new series)
Resistance Resistance 3 (story is ok, but a little forseeable. It's nice having old characters in new roles, and a lot of references to old stories are made, but overall, the resolution is a little "deus ex machina"...)
Before Dishonor cover Before Dishonor 4 (slightly better than Resistance and not so much stuff that shouldn't be there; also, it is good to see that even major characters are not spared if it comes down to the Borg)
Greater than the Sum cover Greater than the Sum 4 (well, let's say "Resistance" is 3, "Before Dishonor" is 4 and "Greater than the Sum" is 3.5; very well written, a little too much sex, maybe, and a little too much talk and pages of characters looking inwards... but a good amount of references to other stories and episodes and good stuff on alien life-forms)
Losing the Peace cover Losing the Peace 3 (Somehow, just an arbitrary adventure; if not set just right after Destiny, one could probably more or less forget about it. Only good thing is you get to know how the characters develop after that devastating Borg attack)
Seize the Fire cover Seize the Fire 3 (What is it about this Typhone pact novels? They are not really developing any new aspects, and this one especially needs quite some time to get some pace. Might be my unfamiliarity with the Titan crew, though.... and my dislike of the Gorn people...)
Paths of Disharmony cover Paths of Disharmony 3 (almost a 4; novel takes some time to get started, but the last third is intriguing, and it ends with a big bang)
The Struggle Within cover The Struggle Within 3 (Cool short story with some character development, but nothing major happening)

Voyager Continuation Edit

Stories about the fate and the whereabouts of the Voyager crew, after their return and subsequent new missions.

Title Rating (out of 5)*
Full Circle cover Full Circle 4 (very good connection of all the loose Voyager ends and putting them together with what just happened - right before Destiny kicks off)
Unworthy cover Unworthy 3 (some good aspects, especially Seven's development after Destiny; but too much stuff about the next arbitrary race, although the aspects of them wanted to be assimilated adds a nice bit to the usual pattern)

Other Stories Edit

These are other stories that either look into the past of the ST universe - or more recently, advance the universe further.

Title Rating (out of 5)*
The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 3 (some neat ideas and a good overall story that explains why we never heard of the Eugenic wars - but despite some references to Star Trek, none of the usual main characters appear. Also, the explanations with Gary Seven did not fully satisfy me...)
Rise and Fall of Kahn 2 The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 3 (similar to volume 1, although this one is probably a little weaker...)
Cast No Shadow cover Cast No Shadow 4 (good story, uncovering some more facts about the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, with a nice guest-starring appearance of Elias Vaughn
Day of the Vipers cover Star Trek: Terok Nor - Day of the Vipers 3 (in a quite distant past; it is difficult at first to get familiar with the characters)
Night of the Wolves cover Star Trek: Terok Nor - Night of the Wolves 4 (Thrilling - all aspects of the brutal Cardassian occupation are mentioned, and a lot of familiar characters start to appear)
Dawn of the Eagles cover Star Trek: Terok Nor - Dawn of the Eagles 4 (the last years of the occupation, including the attempts of the cardassians to get the most out of it and also the story on how they were finally driven away)
Tales of the Dominion War Tales of the Dominion War 3 (read a while ago - the fact that I can't really remember all the different story seems to speak for itself. However, I *do* remember that I found it nice to bring bits and pieces about the Dominion War together)
Gods of Night cover Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night 5 (although there are a LOT of characters and LOTS of different places where things happen, this is a great story. It's dark, possibly not as Star Trek as it should be, but - thrilling from the first to the last page)
Mere Mortals cover Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals 3-4 (the Destiny storyline is intriguing and dark, but there are some bits and parts of this book that are a little lengthy)
Lost Souls cover Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls 4 (Whoa - Destiny is just - HUGE! The only reason why I gave this novel a 4 is because many lovable characters are killed off - as well as one of the biggest threats ever posed to the Federation now vanished forewer, which is kind of sad...)
A Singular Destiny cover A Singular Destiny 4 (great story, with a big bang finale - again, the world of ST is shattered...)
Watching the Clock cover Watching the Clock 4 (very good idea, ties together a lot of loose ends when it comes down to time travel; no 5 because the main story is not as intriguing as it could have been, and some of the ideas are a bit too far away, e. g. linking the augments to the Suliban Cabal sponsor)

More stories Edit

Finally, some other stories - set in alternate universes or otherwise not connected to the prime timeline:

Title Rating (out of 5)*
Infinity's Prism cover Infinity's Prism 3-4 (story about Bashir and the Eugenics is great; the one about Pike and T'Pol is neat; the one about Voyager is less intriguing (and, unfortunately, it's the longest....)
Echoes and Refractions Echoes and Refractions 3-4 (story with Kirk and Genesis is neat, but a little too many characters die; story around Kira is very dark, but enjoyable; story around the androids is probably the weakest)
The Last Generation issue 1 cover Star Trek: The Last Generation 5 (from all the myriad universe stories, this one is by far the best - even though I usually don't even like the Star Trek comics...)
Shattered Light cover Shattered Light 2 (only red the first novel, which is about Riker letting Picard die in "Best of Both Worlds". Good idea, not so good execution, though)

*Key: 1 = you have been warned; 2 = you can mostly forget about it; 3 = neat; 4 = great; 5 = a must-read, terrific!

Timeline Edit

I am currently working on a (personal) version of a Star Trek Timeline, as I started to read other novels apart from the DS9 relaunch ones, and as I wanted to fit them into the right context. The timeline is currently within a spreadsheet, but I am thinking of good ways in how to share it. Maybe I'll put together a simple PHP script...

Real Life Edit

I life in Switzerland; have a look at for some more stuff about me.

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