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Timeship DeLorean

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UTS DeLorean
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UTS DeLorean

Class: Timeship Class
Registry: NX-400710
Affiliation: Federation (Formerly Section 31)
Status: Historical Research in the Past (2463)

The United Timeship DeLorean (NX-400710) is the first official Federation timeship. Converted from the old Sovereign-class starship, it uses the experimental Flux-Warp Drive, as well as temporal shielding, to travel through time with relative safety. The ship also has a cloaking device to remain hidden while in the past.


Commanding Officer: Captain Bit
Executive Officer: Commander Sean Masters
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Kirby Oak
Chief Historical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Saari Dax
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor (Lieutenant) Marin Kel

Flux-Warp DriveEdit

The Flux-Warp Drive is the finished product of years of work by scientists working for Section 31. Starting in the 22nd century, when the Enterprise became involved in events that were part of a Temporal Cold War, Section 31 had tried to develop time travel technology. As time went on, they gained more resources, including: the USS Enterprise's many temporal excursions; interrogations of Berlinghoff Rasmussen; studies of the Bajoran Orb of Time and the time portal found on Golana; the USS Voyager's contact with future Federation time travelers; and information on the Borg's time travel technology.

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