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The Love Boat: The Next Generation
Abbr.: LB:TNG
Created by: Gene Roddenberry & Aaron Spelling
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Original network: NBC
Production dates: 1994
Original run: 5 February 1994
Episodes: 1
Timespan: 2368

The Love Boat: The Next Generation (often abbreviated to LB:TNG) is the third live-action Star Trek TV series and second live-action Love Boat series, set in the 24th century. It was a follow-up of Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Love Boat. Like its predecessors, it was created by Gene Roddenberry and Aaron Spelling respectively. Produced at Paramount Pictures, it aired on NBC for one evening in February 1994. The series led to two spin-offs in the "TNG era": Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


The Love Boat: The Next Generation took place sometime during TNG Season 5. The series inexplicably depicted the crew of the USS Enterprise-D operating a Federation cruise ship, the Pacific Princess.

Much of the would-be returning cast refused to sign on in protest and was replaced by NBC regulars. They would return for the next feature film, Star Trek Generations. Patrick Stewart was the sole castmember to return, for a hefty sum. One criticized casting change was that of Ellen Cleghorne, whose portrayal of Guinan was seen by many as a crude parody of Whoopi Goldberg's mannerism and not of the character.

The series was critically panned for its poor production values, odd casting choices, and strange attempt at melding the Star Trek and Love Boat franchises. Because of these failings, the network was pressured into cancelling the series shortly after a sneak preview of its one episode. Many fans do not consider the series canon, and no references to the events or The Love Boat in general occurred in future canon productions.

Main CastEdit

Because of difficulties with the writing, the entire cast refused to be credited, as such the characters themselves were credited.

Starring Your Love Boat CrewEdit

Production CrewEdit

The writers and director to this day remain anonymous. The only known production crew are the creators, Gene Roddenberry (who was posthumously credited for his creation of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Aaron Spelling (possibly credited for his creation of The Love Boat).

Episode ListEdit

Only a sneak preview of the first episode aired.

Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Pilot 1x01 unknown 45944.7 Preview: 1994-02-05

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Love Boat: The Next Generation was originally pitched to the Fox Network. However, it was determined that the show was too low for even their shoddy, low-brow television shows. It was then decided to sell the series to the first-run syndication market. They were laughed out by many syndication executives. NBC, as poorly managed today as they were then, decided to produce one episode.

On the special The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation To The Next, Gene Roddenberry commented "My god, that was a terrible idea." This was weird, because he had been dead for three years. The quote is likely misattributed.

Andrew Probert emphatically denies designing the Pacific Princess, and plans to write so on his tombstone.

Ronald D. Moore commented: "It was kinda funny. If I wrote it, I'd involve a long, overly complicated story arc where the Love Boat discovers it was prophesized to lead mankind into a struggle with the evil heart-stealing robotic Cylomabreens. They decided to fire me, so I combed my goatee and stormed out of the room." (AOL chat, 1997)

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LB:TNG has never been released on any form of media.

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wait for it.

wait for it.

LB:TNG, Episode 1x01
Production number:
First aired: 5 February 1994
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45944.7-45966.7 (2368)
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The Pacific Princess takes on two passengers at Starbase 8 who have fallen out of love.



Captain's log, stardate 45944.7. We are scheduled to pick up several special passengers at Starbase 8.

Picard and Data man the bridge of the Pacific Princess. Picard orders Data on a course... for love.

Act OneEdit

In the transporter room, Deanna, Data, and Worf discuss the meaning of Valentine's Day while preparing for the Valentine's Day cruise. Worf states his belief that Klingons find beheadings romantic.

Picard enters and orders his Number One to transport up the special passengers. The first couple transported are noted Earth performer Charo and her ex-boyfriend DaiMon Tog. They fight as they intended the other to cancel their trip. Instead of wasting the twelve bars of gold-pressed latinum he spent, Tog agrees to share a cabin with Charo, under the condition that he have a separate bed. Picard orders Number One to "make it so."

The next couple beamed up are comedians David Brenner and Joan Rivers. They are the cruise's entertainment, and Data explains their cultural significance to Captain Picard. Mr. Sulu shows them to their cabins.

Act TwoEdit

While Doc and Geordi discuss what a crazy world it was, Worf is chastised by Captain Picard for beating too many old women and children at shuffleboard. He is ordered to lose, and grudgingly follows the order.

Captain Picard then approaches Tog and Charo, and is dismayed that their night together did not "patch things up." He decides to solve this dilemma, first by consulting Guinan. When that doesn't work, he tries Data's suggestion of giving them alcoholic beverages.

Even after diverting power from the Fiesta Deck to power the blenders, the drinks are not shared by Tog and Charo, placing the plan in jeopardy. Picard takes drastic steps and places the Princess on red alert and diverting hard to starboard. This causes Charo to fall into the arms of Tog, and they subsequently make up.

Act ThreeEdit

Captain's personal log, stardate 45966.7. Once again, love has proved to be life's sweetest reward.

Back on the bridge, Data claims to finally understand the emotion of love. He then hands his Valentine, Captain Picard, a Human heart. Of course, it's dipped in chocolate.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Very good, Mr. Data! Set a heading... for romance."
"You heard me, Data. Set a course... for love!"

- Picard and Data

"St. Valentine. A Christian martyr, beheaded on February 14th, by the Roman empire. Curious. A beheading commemorated by the display of affection. I do not understand the Human emotion of love."
"Oh, Data.. there's more to it than that. Don't you agree, Worf?"
"To a Klingon warrior, beheadings are romantic."

- Data, Troi, and Worf

"I sense strong animosity between them, Captain, which hides a deeper passion. Also, I believe he intends to steal towels."
"Mr. Worf, alert Housekeeping."

- Troi and Picard

"Oh, what's wrong, Doc?"
"Well.. you know those two Cardassian twins I've been chasing?"
"They turn out to be male! Very attractive, though. It's a crazy world, Isaac."

- Geordi and Doc

"The weak and the cowardly have no place in shuffleboard, sir!"

- Worf, regarding his beating old women and children at shuffleboard.

"I think I finally understand love. Here, sir. It's a valentine. For you."
"Good lord, Data! It's a Human heart!"
"Yes, sir. But it's dipped in chocolate."
"Oh, Mr. Data. You've got a lot to learn!"

- Data and Picard

Background InformationEdit


  • Tog is not mentioned as a DaiMon, suggesting he may have lost his title after the events of "Ménage à Troi", similar to Bok.
  • Hikaru Sulu makes an odd appearance working aboard the Pacific Princess, some 70-plus years after commanding the USS Excelsior. This is unexplained in the episode.
  • Doc replaced Beverly Crusher as the CMO. We can only assume she was the head of Starfleet Medical for some idiotic reason again.

Casting ChangesEdit

Due to the TNG cast's almost unanimous decision not to participate in this series, most of the regulars were recast. Here is a list that occurred in this episode:

Links and ReferencesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

No one was credited for the episode.


banana daiquiri; Cardassian; heart; Housekeeping; love; shuffleboard; St. Valentine's Day; Starbase 8; Vader, Darth

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