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December 24, 2005
Tholian pilot

A Tholian in 2155


I am Tholian 2000! I've been a Star Trek fan for years. Once I found this site, I knew instantly that I would love it. Now that I'm an official archivist, I try my best to provide more and more info to these pages as much as possible.

Why "Tholian 2000"?Edit

You see, my favorite Star Trek sepcies would have to be a tie between the Borg & the Tholians, and since a Borg username is often overused, I decided on this. The "2000"? It's a cool number.

About This UserEdit

I'm very interested in Star Trek cartography, and so Star Trek: Star Charts was my best friend. I also like the Romulan culture, so I love helping the site's database in that respect. My favorite Star Trek series to date is Star Trek: Voyager.

Written By Me...Edit

Major ContributionsEdit

  • Helped save Tholia, because you all must know why it was so important to me. (Look at my user name)

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