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Data, 2379
TheDataMonster – The Data needs a Monster, now!
TALK – Munch! Munch!
Hello. I am TheDataMonster.

About me in general Edit

I am on loads of wikis.

Favourite Characters Edit

Star Trek = Mr.Spock

Star Trek : The Next Generation = Data (hence my user name)

Wikis I am on Edit

Memory Alpha

The Sims Wiki


The Sims Fanon Wiki

Wikis I have created Edit

Monsters Fanon Wiki

Grange Hillcyclopedia

Star Trek Fanon Wiki

Puzzles 4 U Wiki

Stuff Edit

Polls - Starting now. I will keep a record here.

Userboxes - To show who you like. Starting soon!

Talkboxes - Leave them on talk pages. Create them here. Call them by your username!

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