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Romulans surround the Enterprise, TEI remastered
Name: Thom
Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine
Favorite Regular Characters: Picard, Worf, Odo
Favorite Recurring Characters: Weyoun, Brunt (FCA)
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Occupation: Law Student
You may be also looking for the Mirror Universe member named Tanky

Long live the Empire!

105 edits and counting...


I've watching Trek since before I can remember beginning with TNG. My dad had taped parts of the earlier seasons and most of the sixth and seventh seasons, resulting in year's of my repeated watching of the same episodes, to the point where the tapes started to disintegrate. Fortunately, once the DVD's came out, he replaced the well-loved tapes. Since then, I've seen all on TNG, DS9 and the movies, and am currently working my way through TOS, collecting the DVD's as I go. Hopefully one day, time and money permitting, I'll be able to watch all of Trek there is. Until then, I'll just have to read about it here!

Imperiosus Terra InvictaEdit

Terran Empire moon landing

Long live the Empire!

For awhile now, I have been a regular contributor over at the mirror language version of MA. Following this theme, below you will find links to my "true" history of the Terran Empire and the mirror universe. It is called "Imperiosus Terra Invicta", which (I hope) means "Imperial Earth Undefeated" in Latin (the most imperial of the languages :D ). My basic premise is that the Empire was not wiped out as Kira claimed in "Crossover", but is in now a government-in-exile in the furthest reaches of known space slowly regrowing their strength after the loss of Earth. The Alliance I would argue are very good at propaganda, to the point where not even the highest officials in some sectors (like Bajor) know of the continuing war. They keep the truth compartmentalized to hold to power, as they know news of a rebellion or continuing fight will lift the spirits of their Terran slaves, possibly leading to a general insurrection. In an interesting twist to this, this mean that very few people outside of the Bajoran sector know about the Terran Rebellion either.

See also the Mirror Universe version of Memory Alpha

Things I have learnt from Star TrekEdit

The Original SeriesEdit

1. Racism is a horrible thing, unless its at the expense of Mr Spock.
2. Women are fragile creatures. They don't need important jobs, just a strong man.
3. Chekov is never to be trusted. As if you would trust a 22 year old anyway...
4. Seduction is the primary weapon of a starship captain.
5. Starfleet officers would rather died than break the Prime Directive (unless they don't feel like it).
6. There is no such thing as a wrong time to try and pick up a chick, especially if she's an alien/android.

The Next GenerationEdit

1. Fish are amphibians. Plain and simple.
2. The 80's had some weird fashion ideas ie the skant
3. Temporal narcosis is a good thing :)
4. The USS Lollipop is a good ship.

Deep Space NineEdit

1. It is a physical impossibility for Sisko to be wrong, not even when he potentially murders thousands of people just to prove a point!
2. Do not ask Jadzia any scientific questions. She'll either bitch about having to do her job or miss the blatantly obvious answers. The blue on her uniform is just for show.
3. Do not do as Sisko does, he'll only yell at you for it. Just ask Worf. As if you wouldn't fire at a decloaking ship before identifying it in the middle of a battle, when your enemy had been doing that very tactic the entire battle!
4. Be wary of idiot brothers. They may destroy (Ferengi) civilization as you know it
5. Adults have models, kids have toys, but they are not the same in the slightest...

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