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TXPAScot means, simply, a Texan by way of Pennsylvania who happens to have a Scottish heritage. Most of my contributions to date have been to the "Memorable Quotes" sections of articles. When I was in middle school, a friend and I watched re-runs of TOS so much that we concocted a game where one person quoted a line of dialogue, and the other had to guess which episode it was from... kind of like a "trekker" version of Name That Tune. "Geeky?" Perhaps -- but it was good for anti-boredom. I'm just happy to have a place to spill all this information I've cluttered my brain with. My favorite episodes from TOS are The Doomsday Machine (top of the chart with a phaser), Errand of Mercy, Balance of Terror, and Amok Time. I have several from TNG (Measure of a Man and just about anything featuring Q), but there were so many episodes that it would take too long to mention. By the way -- if you see errors in the quotes I put into place, please feel free to correct; I hate to quote things incorrectly. I Enjoy the site immensely!

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