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This page describes one of Memory Alpha's policies and guidelines

Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

Under no circumstances should users claim ownership of any article or file on Memory Alpha.

Because users have no "ownership" over their contributions to the Memory Alpha, users should never revert, edit, or sign articles or files in an attempt to express ownership.

In regards to signing articles or files, the only things that should be signed are talk or discussion pages, including the Forums.


Editors who create or contribute to an article have no specific ownership over that article. After all, this is a wiki, and everything released here falls under Memory Alpha's copyrights.

While some sites may list contributors of information to give credit, that is not done within articles on Memory Alpha. As Memory Alpha is a wiki, a single page may have had hundreds of different editors contribute. On the history of each page (accessible through the "history" tab in "My Tools"), every contributor is listed automatically, along with their specific changes.


Users have no exclusive rights over the images that they upload to the wiki. As with wiki pages, others may edit or delete your uploads if they think it serves the project, and you may be blocked from uploading if you abuse the system. As with articles, file pages contain a File history, where every uploader is listed automatically. Sometimes this cannot be preserved as files must be re-uploaded in different formats, but there is still no need for credit to be given to the previous uploaders, only those who actually contributed to the image proper. This does not negate the need to license and cite all images appropriately.

Keep in mind that most images that are hosted on the wiki are taken from Star Trek productions, and are therefore property of Paramount Pictures (or their affiliates), not you.

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