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Sulfur is.


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On 26 January 2007, I made my 10000th edit on MA, the day after I was nominated for Adminship. I hit my 35000th edit less than a year later on 20 January 2008. 50000 followed on 28 November 2009. 60000 took until 12 October 2010. 100000 followed on 22 December 2015.

On 4 March 2010, I became the proud father of SulfBot, a bot to do some cleanup stuff.


I plan to work on trying to finish off/fill out some of the early season episodes from DS9, and various comic books that strike me as interesting.

I also worked on cleaning up ambiguous links in various articles, starting from the end of the alphabet (Z) and worked my way through to the start (A) over the course of a couple of weeks, cleaning up as many of these links as possible. The next portion of this project was to expand the text for the links on the various disambiguation pages so that people have a better idea of what each link is when they end up on one of them.

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Some articles I've created or written significant portions for:


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I consider myself a fairly decent copy-editor also, and here are some articles I worked on:

I also try to welcome new users to the community whenever possible and help them feel comfortable.

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