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It is I, MELLLVAR! -Futurama

Sorry, someone needed to say it.


You have intruded my space, you filthy gazelle!

Cardassian and Romulan fleet open fire

Now feel the power of the dark side....I mean...uh...the warbirds....

IRW TMet firing disruptors

Die, die, DIE!!!!!




My purpose here is to repair TOS articles since I have a VCR and The Collector's Edition on VHS! My first article was Beta III native. Well, I'll do a list of Beta III natives, or humanoids, or what have you....

About Me

I'm from Orlando, Florida, and I regularly go to citywalk at Universal Studios to hang out or meet new friends.

I'm pretty good with computers, I'm only 16 and a high school junior, but MA's a hobby....I'm also a Star Wars fan, I own all episodes of Star Wars and have read several of the Expanded Universe novels.

I enjoy going to the nearby Space Coast, New Smyrna Beach, and I live north of Metro Orlando, in a district of Altamonte Springs called Westmonte.

I enjoy watching The People's Court, Judge Mathis, Family Guy, and [[The Simpsons.

I scored 207 on the "Are you a Wikipediholic" test making me a Wikipediholic. Anyhoo, that's a bit about me. =D

E-mail me

G-mail me, rather

Why do I like Memory Alpha?

It's a great Trek resource and enjoyable to contribute to.

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