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Hello and welcome to my user page.

I first got into Star Trek in the early-mid 90's with Star Trek: The Next Generation when it was being shown on Sky One. Subsequently I saw most of Star Trek: Voyager and the all of Star Trek: Enterprise as they were shown for the first time in the UK, also on Sky One. I didn't have much experience with the other series prior to getting them on DVD during 2006-2007.

I first came across the site around 2004 during the final season of Enterprise and started making minor contributions anonymously. It wasn't until 2007 when I decided to create this account I became more active.

My main ongoing project here is expanding coverage of Star Trek releases onto various home video formats. Some of my most significant contributions can be found in the Betamax, VHS and VCD sections.


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Home Video Sandbox



A few LaserDiscs have been sighted in Taiwan.

VCD (Video CD)


Released c. 2004 by Thakral Home Entertainment. First 9 films were dubbed in Mandarin Chinese, no subtitles. There were two versions of Nemesis, one dubbed in Chinese and another which was the original English version. The release of The Motion Picture may have been of the Director's Edition cut, at least the cover uses that logo anyway.

Hong Kong

Deltamac released VCDs starting from 2001. One of three areas to release Into Darkness.


Reliance Home Video & Games/BIG Home Video. Two versions of Star Trek and Into Darkness have been released. One being the English original and another with Hindi dubbing. Around 2009 (though their site also suggests 2008) they also released Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (English only). Apparently previously in 2002 Paramount signed a deal with another company, Excel to release VCDs in India. They did release some in 2003 but only some of the films and even then they were out of sequence.


The first 10 films were released c. 2002/2003. For some reason Nemesis used a taller cardboard case.


HVN Entertainment. They released at least the first seven films in 2002. Insurrection (and presumably the rest of the TNG films) followed around 2003. Last release was of Star Trek in 2009.

The earlier release of The Star Trek Collection was by another company with no connection to HVN.


Magnavision Home Video released at the very least Star Trek. They possibly released the previous films too though those may have been by another company.


At least two companies have had the rights the release VCDs in Taiwan. The first one was King's International Multimedia (who according to the Chinese Wikipeida had a history with Paramount/CIC Video going back to 1987) who released the films The Voyage Home through to Insurrection sometime in the early 2000s. It appears that for some reason they never released the first three films on the format.

Around early 2003 the rights were handed over to another company, Catalyst Logic for currently unknown reasons. They subsequently re-issued much of Paramount's back-catalog that had been released by King's Multimedia. Along with Nemesis they also re-released the first six films that same year. The packaging for Star Trek: The Motion Picture would appear to suggest the release was of the Director's Edition cut of the film but this has yet to be determined. Catalyst Logic does not appear to have re-released Generations, First Contact or Insurrection at any point. Curiously though, they did reissue them on DVD.

Two versions of Star Trek Nemesis have been spotted. It has yet to be determined how these differ from one another.

All known releases are shown below. All are sorted according to their catalogue/EAN codes which may be their possible release order.

Company Release Date Catalogue No. EAN Notes
King's Multimedia Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home unknown unknown unknown
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 18 August 2000? unknown unknown Date looks dubious
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 4 December 2001? unknown unknown Date looks dubious
Star Trek Generations unknown PDV-1038 4713729100383
Star Trek: First Contact June 2001? PDV-1275 4713729102752
Star Trek: Insurrection June 2001? PDV-1283 4713729102837
Catalyst Logic Star Trek Nemesis 26 June 2003 PAR21023 4717985210237 Unsure how these two differ
26 June 2003? PAR22024 4717985220243
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 2003 unknown 4717985230709
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 2003 unknown 4717985230716
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 2003 unknown 4717985230723
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 2003 PAR24073 4717985230730 Cat. No./EAN mismatch. Typo?
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 2003 PAR24074 4717985230747 Cat. No./EAN mismatch. Typo?
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 2003 unknown 4717985230976 Could be the Director's Edition, then again it may just be reused artwork

Star Trek nor Star Trek Into Darkness were released on VCD in the country.


MVD were the licenee for this area. At least Insurrection, Nemesis and Star Trek have been released here. One of three areas to release Into Darkness (which was released by United Home Entertainment, not MVD).


The first 11 films were released on the format here, the first ten under the localized title "Uzay Yolu". Unlike other areas Paramount Home Entertainment (or at least their local branch there) themselves appear to have released these.


To be expanded.



Canadian releases are largely identical to those of the US though the films at least were also released in French-language versions.


Star Trek: The Next Generation

There is also an earlier rental release of TNG. Two episodes a tape. These can be told from the later ones by their different cover art and starting with "VHB" in their catalogue codes and different cover art. They don't appear to follow either the production order or the original broadcast order.

At least the first two volumes (only volume 2 has been identified so far) were also released on Betamax.

Not all UK volumes have been found yet. Some of the gaps have been filled in by releases from other countries, such as Australia and Brazil.

No. Code Episodes Quote on cover Cert Released
1 VHB 2261
"Encounter at Farpoint"
"Let's see what's out there" U 1987
2 VHB 22??
"The Naked Now"
"Code of Honor"
??? PG 1987
3 VHB 2273
"The Last Outpost"
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
"We ask to surrender and now they fire on us!" PG 1987
4 VHB 2279
"Lonely Among Us"
"The Battle"
"You murdered my only son!... And I have spent these years seeking a proper blood revenge... Die well captain!" PG ?
5 VHB 2284
"Hide and Q"
"There can be no justice, so long as laws are absolute" PG ?
6 VHB 22??
"The Big Goodbye"
??? ??? ???
7 VHB 2298
"Angel One"
"What is it that could kill everything, an entire planet?" PG ?
8 VHB 2315
"Coming of Age"
"For them, there are only two choices... one or zero, yes or no." U ?
9 VHB 23??
"Heart of Glory"
"When The Bough Breaks"
??? ??? ???
10 VHB 23??
"The Arsenal of Freedom"
"When The Bough Breaks"
??? ??? ???
11 VHB 2349
"Felicium is a narcotic... and everyone on this world... is a drug addict!" PG ?
12 VHB 2371
"Skin of Evil"
"The Neutral Zone"
"The creature attacked us, Lieutenant Yar is down." U ?

* - Unsure of order on tape, needs investigating.

Outside of Season 1 a tape with the Unification two-parter has also been found in Brazil, with different artwork. Perhaps a UK rental too?

Other Formats

Star Trek was released onto the following formats not currently covered by Memory Alpha:

Video 2000 (V2000), aka Video Compact Cassette (VCC)

Video 2000 was only marketed in Europe, Brazil and Argentina. Star Trek tapes were released in at least the UK and Germany.


The films were released out of sequence. There doesn't appear to have been a release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Star Trek tapes appear to have only been released in the US.

DIVX (Digital Video Express)

Format was exclusive to the US.


To Be Updated

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