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June 15, 2005

Mike Mol (1983-????) is a human from Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Earth. He is a full-time student at Grand Rapids Community College, and spends most of his time tutoring computer subjects.

This is as much a TODO list as a list of conrtibutions...

  • I've done a lot of spelling, grammar and clarity corrections, both logged in and not.
  • I added the page on the Akritirian clamp, though I need to go back and see the episode again, as I want Harry Kim's exact quote describing the effects of the device first hand.
  • I corrected all(?) of the references to Chakotay's rank. It should be Lieutenant Commander, not Commander. See the footnote in the Chakotay article for details.
  • I'm working on material to expand the article on Jennifer Sisko, and I'm collecting captures of both her primary and mirror image, both alive and dead. (Primary immages will have to come from Sisko's initial experience with the Prophets. There's something significant about that chapter of Sisko's life being opened and closed twice.
  • I also intended to go back and expand the article on Terra Nova, and create an article on the Novans. There's a lot of material there useful for describing their culture. I particularly want to add a section on the Novan language, which is a simplified form of English. Terms like "above-ground" and "below-ground" were made into "overside" and "underside." Colony-wide sickness is described as "rotting," and lies became known as "shale," also a material I gather is not reliable in a tunneling environment.

Looks like someone beat me to the Terra Nova article, though. Cool. :)

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