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As an European I'm not that different from an American in appreciating Star Trek and in trying to express my attachment to the whole franchise. That being said, I do have a preference namely the unsung heroes of the whole experience, the Star Ships. I used to be in my youth a modeler and I distinctly remember the frustration of not being able to get good reference pictures of the studio models. It is something that has always irked me since then. No longer a modeler, I do still have a burning desire to know everything there is to know about Star Ship design and their makers. And now, as the original Star Trek slowly fades into memory, former production members and outsiders have started blogging or otherwise started to share their experiences through the web and details and pictures in general are becoming more and more available of which I could only dream of not that long ago. True, some information was available before the advent of the Internet, but it was almost always scattered over a myriad of publications (and often not in that good a quality) and still is in this Internet age.

Fortunately people like Doug Drexler, John Eaves and many others have started blogging and sharing their knowledge with others, finally enabling us to get more coherent behind-the-scenes stories and images. And even before them non-studio affiliated people, pioneers like William S. McCullars, through his unfortunately now defunct IDIC-website [X]wbm, David Shaw who pieced together much of the earliest history of the studio models of the original Enterprise and posted his findings on several blogs, Curt McAloney, who owns clippings of the only known two color behind-the-scenes films and has published the only known color stills of the studio models of TOS on his StarTrekHistory-website [1] and elsewhere on the net and in print and modeller Kuhn Global, who provide a platform for photographs of the various studio models on his ModelerMagic-website [2], have started the work on chronicling the history of the studio models.

Through their gracious efforts I'm more and more able to piece together the real life stories of the forgotten heroes and their creators of Star Trek, the Star Ships. And Memory Alpha provides a great platform to collect all the fragmented information into a coherent story and maybe one day their whole story will have been told as thoroughly as the stories of the live performers.

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