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Well, where do I start. I used to think Star Trek was ridiculous. I was about 12 I think, when there was nothing on TV except a voyager episode. It was horrible and boring, but since there was nothing else to do I watched it. A couple of months later same thing happened, although this time it was more palatable. I found out that Star Trek is like beer and caviar, it's an acquired taste.

I soon watched Voyager ceremoniously every week till it's end (and the reruns). I couldn't get into DS9, because it's the polar opposite of Voyager. Voyager was about a ship with a clear goal, a path, and excessive exploration. DS9 was the opposite, it's a station, I couldn't bear it. I then watched Enterprise, which I loved. Unlike many other Trek fans, I was in love with the Star Trek world, not shows and such. Even DS9 I would endure so that I might peek into that world. I also had the luck to not have seen the episodes that many people claim were the original.

Years later, well... a couple of months ago, I re-watched Voyager. And now am watching TNG after a lot of pushing from my friends. Everytime I watch an episode I check for the rating and to review it. Then here for background information (I thought why not edit it while everything was fresh in my mind).

Now I'm on the 5th season, and it's funny that with age and patience, I'm actually looking forward to DS9!

PS: Excuse the mistakes I'll make, I'm a native english speaker... It's not my main language I just learned it >.<

Update!: I finished TNG! At first I was disappointed... But I was finally rewarded after some seasons... apparently TNG gets a lot better after it gets worse! It was a bit different from the Star Trek I knew, but I still loved it. It also made me appreciate Voyager a lot more. Knowing who the Marquis are helped me understand them more! And I love Data now!!!

Update!: Watched DS9... it was well.. kind of... err... Godly O_O... I don't know if maybe being older and more mature made me appreciate it. Or watching TNG for context... It was so.. so.. good. Some episodes were worth rewatching over and over... and you all know the ones they are! In a pale moonlight, oh my god... I want Odo! Kira! Bashir! I want them back! God I even loved Worf-2. And yes I consider him a whole other Worf. Maybe an alternate universe Worf... Maybe a twin brother! But he changed too much, and the whole him abandoning Alexander made no sense to Worf-1. Worf-1 was in love with Troi and had completely reconciled with the fact that he couldn't give Alexander to his parents. I don't blame Alex for his feelings... Sisko is such a good cap... err... well in the end he was a captain =/ Even O'Brien. I used to be like "Poor O'Brien, why did they even bother naming you" back in TNG! I bet the actress for Keiko was glad she auditioned for that small part! DS9 had this wonderful ability to use all characters. The only negative for me at all was destroying the Mirror Universe. For me it no longer makes sense to call it mirror, it's more like an alternate universe where things happened a lot different than ours. People can be dead there and not here. We can longer wonder how our mirror is, we might have died when we were 1 for all we know. Watching that first episode I never would've guessed just how awesome that little Nog, or the stupid Quark's brother would have been!

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After talking to people here, I've been removing "speculations" and "nitpicks". The ambiguous I move to discussion for err... discussing.

I am currently sad that I seem to do a lot of removing and not a lot of adding =(

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