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Battle of the Grid 986 Unicomplex
Borg cubes fail to destroy USS Voyager.jpg

Voyager's ablative armor is impervious to Borg weapons

Voyager's ablative armor is impervious to Borg weapons
Date: 2378
Location: Unicomplex inside of a nebula in Grid 986
Result: Federation victory
United Federation of Planets Borg Collective
Notable commanders
Admiral Kathryn Janeway
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Borg Queen
USS Voyager
Shuttlecraft SC-4
Many Borg ships
Casualties and losses
None Many Borg ships and the Unicomplex destroyed.
Collective infected with neurolytic pathogen.

The Battle of the Grid 986 Unicomplex was a confrontation between the Borg and the crew of the USS Voyager. It dealt a crippling blow to the Borg.

Prelude Edit

While journeying home, the USS Voyager discovered elevated neutrino emissions, along with extremely high graviton emissions within a nebula. Ensign Kim theorized this could contain several wormholes, so Voyager entered the nebula and almost collided with a Borg cube, forcing the starship to exit the nebula and continue journeying. A few days later, the ship's sensors discover a temporal rift, and a shuttlecraft containing Admiral Kathryn Janeway from 16 years in the future.

After pulling rank on her younger self, the Admiral told Captain Janeway to emit an anti-tachyon pulse, preventing the Klingons from coming through. On board her old starship, Admiral Janeway told her younger self to return to the Borg-infested nebula. She modified the ship with future technologies, including ablative hull armor and transphasic torpedoes, that would make it possible for Voyager to bypass the Borg's defenses.

Despite spying on Voyager and preparing for the attack, the Borg were unable to penetrate Voyager's ablative armor with weapons or tractor beams, and two of the cubes were destroyed by transphasic torpedoes. The ship then encountered a Borg transwarp hub which could save Voyager 16 more years in the Delta Quadrant. The Admiral's efforts were hampered by her younger self's desire to destroy the transwarp hub with the future technology instead of getting home. Trying to destroy it from the inside was impossible as it would adapt to any attack, as it was managed by the Borg Queen herself. It could not be destroyed from the Alpha Quadrant end as there were only exit apertures.

The two Janeways continued to argue about what to do with the transwarp hub until Admiral Janeway told the Captain that if they did not use the hub 22 more crewmembers, including Chakotay and Seven of Nine, would die, and Tuvok would become senile from a neurological disorder. Knowing that she would be effectively ordering the crew to their deaths Captain Janeway talked with her crewmembers. The crew agreed with the Captain, decided destroying the hub would be a better choice as the Borg's ability to travel across the galaxy would be severely damaged and many lives would be saved. Touched by the crew's reaction, Admiral Janeway regained her fighting spirit and came up with a plan that could destroy the hub and get Voyager home.

The Battle Edit

Admiral Janeway took her shuttle through one of the apertures in the transwarp hub to the Borg Unicomplex, the centre of all Borg activity. She appeared in the Borg Queen's chamber as a hologram via a neural interface and asked her to tow Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant in exchange for information on how to adapt to the future technologies. The Borg triangulated the signal and Admiral Janeway was beamed to the chamber and assimilated. During this process, the Admiral released a neurolytic pathogen into the Borg Collective which physically made the Borg Queen fall apart, and the whole Unicomplex was destroyed along with the Admiral.

Meanwhile, Captain Janeway entered the transwarp hub and was en route to the Alpha Quadrant. Voyager fired transphasic torpedoes at the now unprotected manifold in the corridors, but the ship was pursued by a Borg Sphere that survived the neurolytic pathogen and had assimilated the ablative armor upgrade. The Borg Sphere used a tractor beam to pull Voyager inside itself.

Aftermath Edit

The Borg Sphere, with Voyager inside, finally reached the Alpha Quadrant. All nearby Federation ships fired on it, allowing Voyager's escape as the sphere was destroyed by a transphasic torpedo. Voyager was finally home. The Doctor activated a comchannel to the Bridge, and a baby gurgling was heard over the comspeaker – B'Elanna Torres had finally given birth to her baby, Miral Paris. Tom Paris headed to Sickbay to see the baby as Captain Janeway gave the order she had given at the start of her journey, "set a course... for home." (VOY: "Endgame")

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