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About meEdit

After making a few anonymous edits, I decided to make an account here in case I see something that needs fixing, or I have something to say.

I was a Huge fan of Star Trek as a kid, so much so that I cried in 1997 when, after seeing "All Good Things...", I learned that TNG was not currently in production.

I am now just a casual viewer with a deep respect for Star Trek. I come here occasionally to look up what I just saw or to just read recreationaly.

I have seen all 11 of the movies at least once, and have seen at least some of TOS, TNG, Voyager, and DS9.

I'm also at the Trek BBS, as SacmtoValleyMan.

Where you may have seen me beforeEdit

Under the same name, you will find/have found me somewhat active in the following fan communities:

so I dont loose these...Edit

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