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This brief blurb was placed here to eliminate SWHouston's user page from clogging up Wanted Pages. If you are the user, please feel free to let the public know a little more about you and your contributions.

Ok, here’s something about me, or my interests anyway...

Since the onset of Digital Television, the quantity and quality of Channels, which are available to the Public "Free of Charge", has increased monumentally ! And ALL of these Major Channels are broadcasting in Hi Definition now.

I am a Volunteer participant/adviser, on a Website which assists those who would be interested in receiving Free Television. We do NOT charge for this service, and will NOT try to sell you anything, other than the concept, that paying for good Television, is UNACCEPTABLE !

Besides myself, there are several very experienced and well qualified Advisor's, who can assist you in the selection of an Antenna for your home or apartment, which will receive what is properly called "Terrestrial Television", and to the general public known, as Local TV Channels.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX, PBS, ION, RTV, MyN, IND, are available to almost everyone now, and with the expansion of what are called "sub-channels", has increased the number of channels available to most, to nearly SIXTY (in my area anyway), but, that amount depends on your location. This includes channels in Foreign Language, Religious, and ALL are FREE OF CHARGE.

UOOPS, did I say FREE.... well, almost free.

For most households, a modest ONE TIME investment for an Antenna and it's connections, is a requirement. Many are able to facilitate this for UNDER TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS ! But, there are instances, where your location may require an expenditure of more than that. But, it still is a onetime cost, and from that time forth, you enjoy Free HDTV for YEARS !

Will this replace Cable or a Satellite Service...

Depends on you, and now used you are to the "Special Channels" like SiFi, National Geo, others. But, this Free HDTV avenue of entertainment is expanding from day to day, and the sky's the limit on the number of channels that may be available to you as time passes.

There's a chance that engaging in this, may be able to save you some cost, if you decide to combine your own Antenna with Pay Cable or Satellite. (have both)

Many of the Pay TV Services, can/will reduce the cost of their service, when you do not require them to provide you with Local Channels. In other words, you provide those Channels via your own Antenna, and they are excluded from your Pay TV Lineup. This doesn't require anything more than an Antenna and Cable, you do NOT have to buy a special TV or other equipment, to allow your existing equipment to share the Antenna and Cable Box.

Now, as an added attraction (maybe in your case too) I have SO enjoyed having my own "Backup" for watching TV, when my Cable went out ! Your own Antenna is separate from any Pay Service, and the reliability of Local TV Providers, FAR exceeds the capability of a Cable or Satellite Company, to continue transmitting under unusual circumstances, like Storms or other reasonably frequent interruptions. (then they still want to charge you for NOT receiving their signal during those interruptions, by the way !)

So, I hope that I have at least peaked your interest, and will provide you with a Link, to the DTVUSA Forum, where you can get honest advice about what you can get, and develop a cost for you, to include/integrate this service to your existing TV equipment.

I strongly encourage you to look into this, it could save you a lot of money, and it won’t cost you a single cent to inquire !

Visit us at...

Have a good Day ! :)


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