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About meEdit

Greetings, visitor. My name is Ruud Visser and I hail from the city of Leiden in the Netherlands, where I work as a PhD student in astrochemistry at the Leiden University under the supervision of Ewine van Dishoeck. I am known by several other names as well, most of them related to characters I play (or have played) in Star Trek role-playing games; they include rWd, Aniketos, Tettares Hepta, Rudolf Fischer, Rude Dutchman, and Mrell. Besides chemistry, astronomy and Star Trek, some of my interests are baseball (playing, umpiring and watching), writing fiction, reading, photography, and making websites.

I maintain a homepage at, featuring a weblog, photo albums and more. It is mainly in Dutch, but some parts, such as the photo albums, are also available in English.

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