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October 31, 2004
Name: G. Isles
Gender: Male
Born: 25th October, 1985
Origin: Barnsley, England
Current Occupation: Receptionist/office clerk
Favorite series: I like em all.
Favorite theme song: Enterprise's mirror universe Theme! [1]
Favorite species: Kazon, Malon, Vidiians (there seems to be a Delta Quadrant theme running here...)
Favorite fake planet: They're all fake on Star Trek, but if I had to choose one, Vulcan.
Vulcan Capital
Favourite line: "He must be the only engineer in Starfleet that doesn't go to engineering!" lursa, Star Trek Generations

Hi, I have no idea what to say at this point, so I'll say i'm an avid fan of all Star Trek and I like the little details and art you see on the show. I can also write in klinogn [2]. I'm also into writing systems, codes and ciphers both real, ancient and ficticious.

In addition to Star Trek, i'm a sci-fi fan in gereral, my other favourite series being Stargate (Sg-1 and Atlantis), the New Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf etc.

i'm a geek in many sencses of the word (a bit over weight, glasses, few friends.. . everybody saw awww), i like nearly all food, except green or crispy veggies and I eat too many sweets.

Short 'n sweet :)

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