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Hi Memory Alpha, I am a young Star Trek fan, living in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. I have seen at least one episode of every series, and I have recently finished watching all of the movies (yaaaaaay!)

Star Trek fandomEdit

I've been a fan of Star Trek for about a year and a half now. Around then, I discovered a TV channel which shows repeats of TOS and VOY every weekday, at mid-afternoon. Within almost two months, me and my sister were hardcore Star Trek fans, and my mother, who is originally from the United States, and saw several episodes of The Original Series as they aired, occasionally watches.

Some basic facts about meEdit


My homeworld (probably)


My favourite food

ST-IX head

My favourite Star Trek movie

Enterprise-E in Briar Patch

My favourite starship

VOY head

My favourite series

Pavel Chekov, 2267

My favourite character


My favourite species


My favourite planet

Favourite episodesEdit

TOS:"The Savage Curtain"

TNG:"Up the Long Ladder"


VOY:"The 37s"

ENT:"Rogue Planet"

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