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September 22, 2009
I was lucky enough to play a Borg in the two part Descent... A friend just noted that he had seen this page, and that the costume had recently sold on Ebay... Anyway, thought I'd add a photo of it here in action, just in case the purchaser sees it. Btw - the several days of playing the Borg drone were some of the worst of my life - at one point we shot in the desert in 120 degree sun... Difficult when in a full body girdle, full body suit of industrial "loop", with rubber attachments stuck on with industrial "hook" (hook & loop = velcro, but THICK) and then the face and every exposed bodypart covered with rubber based makeup (read water tight) and one eye covered with a gizmo... But the several days were also, in retrospect, some of the most memorable :) Again, I was lucky enough to get the gig - I had been courting the production team for years... Interestingly, I got written in as a character that was to become a regular on the Next Gen cast, got fitted for a suit (nice; tourquise and black) but then at the last moment they wrote me out... Oh well... Wonder what happened to that outfit? Anyways, all these years later, here's a pic...
Rogan Wilde

That's me, left of Picard (his hand on my shoulder)

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