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HIghoS! HIja' Renesmee Janeway.

Translation: Come here! I am Renesmee Janeway.

Now, I'm not a push over so don't get me mad. Because I know when I'm right, and I'm right when I'm right. No questions asked. Well, let's see... I try to be modest but doesn't work. So. Long story short, don't get me mad, I have a temper, I win my fights, I get my skills from people on Star Trek, I box, I got that from Chakotay.

No, I'm not some frilly girlie girl wearing skirts and dresses and pink and make-up... or running around like and idiot saying, "JUSTIN BEIBER IS SOOOOOOO HOT!" Because he's not. I really wanna slap those people. Okay. I don't have favorite characters, I love them all. But I do have a hit list of people in the Series I want to, well, hit. Consisting of people that have hurt the ships.

I like:

Star Trek, Smallville, Cars, Rock 'N' Roll, Justice League...

I don't like:

Glee. Haters. Ironic, right?

- That is the link to a site by some random girl who seems to get almost everything wrong.

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