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Malcolm and Travis play chess

Travis Mayweather and Malcolm Reed play chess

Randomname is a big fan of a majority of the series or Star Wars(oh wait, this is not Wookieepedia so I mean Star Trek, sorry Randomname is out of his mind currently) , all of the series of Star Trek but TOS. Randomname's favorite series has got to be Enterprise. With Go being his favorite game he has to say (ENT: "Cogenitor")is his favorite episode of all the series. Randomname also enjoy Chess and recently started to practice Three-dimensional chess. Randomname favorite planet near Federation space is Alderaan. Enterprise is in Randomname view the best series because it "goes where no one has gone before". They start to talk about the formation of the Federation. Also everything is new. Humanity just invented the Phaser, the transporter, and they have many reoccurring problems with the universal translator, which makes for some great problems to be used in many of the episodes plot lines. In addition, Enterprise has the best opening theme song of any of the Star Trek. The best part about that is they actually use the footage from outer space in their song.

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Go board

A Go board with Go pieces. From the (ENT: "Cogenitor")episode

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