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March 21, 2007

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Name: J. Wm. "Raiyven" Finch
Gender: Male
Origin: Ontario, Canada
Profession: Trainee Archivist/ Regional Historian
Join Date: March 2007
Definitive Trek Experience: TNG on TV at Age 7


Minor ContributionsEdit

  • Star Trek Generations (Trivia): Outlined the discontinuity between Generations and TNG episode Relics on the subject of Scotty's knowledge of Kirk's death.
  • Star Trek Nemesis (References to Other Series and Movies): Included the sombre connection between Nemesis and The Search For Spock in Picard's toast to Data, following the latter's death.
  • Saucer Separation (Apocrypha): Made reference to the novelization of Generations in which the Excelsior-Class starship is shown having the capability to separate.
  • Manny Coto (Apocrypha): Minor reference to the Star Trek Legacy video game, in that the first Starfleet vessel encountered by the player is named for Coto.

Major ContributionsEdit

  • TNG: "Descent": Rewrote and expanded episode summary.


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