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April 29, 2007
Name: Thomas
DOB: 08/17/1988
Current Location: Oregon
Occupation: Computer Science student, and classics enthusiast.
Favorite Episodes: "Frame of Mind", "The Inner Light", and "Tapestry", probably...
Favorite Movies: Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Hey. My Name is Thomas, I have been a trek fan for a long time. I have always liked trek as a show, but in the last few years i have developed a much larger interest in it. Mainly TNG, but I really like VOYager. I recently finished watching DS9 for the first time, Its a great show too. The first trek I ever watched was TOS as a kid, so i enjoy that too, but I find some of the effects pretty funny. The solid green or orange sky of a 1960's film studio.... I guess the only show I dont like is ENTerprise, but i will watch more of it someday and give it a second chance.

I am going to try to frequent the irc channel, and edit pages as I see room for improvement...

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