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Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)

Good Luck, Agent Dark.
Starfleet Medical
Insisto mihi in obscurum
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Name: Charles Dark
Location: Portland, Oregon
Affiliation: Starfleet Medical Starfleet
Rank: Surgeon
Occupation: Surgeon at Starfleet Medical
Serial number: 8532-12886
Status: Active (1986)
Blood type: O-positive
Memory Alpha: Babel
This user is a native speaker of English.
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About MeEdit

I am one of many Surgeons at Starfleet Medical. I was born 23 years ago and studied to get a major in Medicine with a minor in Xenobiology. I almost made it onto Voyager as a Doctor but..they already had one, and an EMH backup, so my life took another course. I have an avid interest in Engineering and tinkering around as a Holographic novel writer.

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Star TrekEdit


  • Overall: I loved Voyager. Everything about the inner workings that I couldn't understand, the Plasma injector, Warp coil, Magnetic constrictor. And anything having to do with the unheard of Medicinal Terms and technology. One thing I found fascinating is when the EMH went into detail about the physiology of Pain.

Quote The physiology of pain is simple. Too much and the organism loses consciousness– a protective mechanism. If that mechanism were chemically suppressed, one would experience agony beyond imagining. -VOY 3x18 "Darkling"

Another good example is a conversation between the EMH and a Vidiian aboard Voyager near the end of the episode:

Quote by the EMH Wait a minute, we've already considered this. Talaxian physiology is different from that of anyone else on this ship. His immune system would reject their lungs immediately. (Vidiian):Your surgical knowledge is inferior. We will simply adapt his immunogenicity. (Vidiian) -VOY 1x05 "Phage"

I've had dreams where my room had Bio-neural Circuitry in it, and Replicators, and Voice Activation, that was some crazy @#$%^ let me tell you!

  • What I didnt like: Episodes that were sort of annoying, such as "Elogium". I don't know, that one in particular was odd. And "The Thaw", I don't mind clowns and stuff, but that one was creepy.


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