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April 6, 2012
  • I live in Hamilton, New Jersey
  • I was born on March 18
  • I am Male
This user is a native speaker of English.
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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey
Affiliation: Starfleet
Rank: Captain
Born: -303288.59 18 March 1988(Stardate:-303288.59)
Played by: David Lawrence
Number of edits: 54


Let's see I work for Home Depot, go to college, and I live in New Jersey, which if you don't know is located in the United States. I am the founder and curator of the lovely Soul Hunters wikia. So join us and play the game,

Stardate -278387(TNG,VOY,DS9 time) Fri May 01 2015 09:04:29 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Birthdate:(-334788.6536126291) -Fri Mar 18 1988 08:28:00 (TNG,VOY,DS9) -335211.34

The basedate is January 1, 2323 (Stardate 0).{4 sources have stated such}

  • ~1,000 units per year
  • 0.0019025877 per minute
  • 0.1141552512 per hour
  • 2.7397260273 per day
  • 19.178082192 per week
  • 84.9315068492 per month
  • 1001.5392868729 per year

ill do my own calculator later.


I plan to rewatch TNG: , DS9: , and VOY: again to help out on this wikia. As it is i am currently on the 4th and final season of ENT: , so it a no go for that. I do plan on watch TOS: eventually.

Update: Watched TNG: , DS9: , and VOY: again, 1 time around for ENT: , was glad to see Weyoun as an Andorian and a small roll in VOY: . On TOS: a small but formidable step in my Captaincy onto my Admiralship. I did make a screenshot of the "James R. Kirk" only to find it was already done. More episodes.

Favorite Streks ListEdit

This too should be required to even achieve Chief on my pip list.


1) TNG:

2) VOY:

3) DS9:

4) TOS:

5) ENT:




Pips are better and easier to see then most any other form of the rankings.

  • Klingon-Starfleet-Marines
  • Romulan
  • TOS ranks

My system(for IRL) is based on how much you've watched and done:

Rank Ensignia Achieved Notes
Chief petty officer Tng chief
Ensign Tng ensign
Lieutenant junior grade Tng ltjg
Lieutenant Tng lt
Lieutenant commander Tng ltcmdr
Commander Tng cmdr
Captain Tng capt
Commodore/Rear admiral (lower half) Tng radmlh
Rear admiral Tng radm
Vice admiral Tng vadm
Admiral Tng adm
Fleet admiral Tng fadm List favorite serie"s", All epsiodes, All Movies, basic understanding of one ST language, played STO.

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