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StarCraft 2 is coming!!!!

I will be away from 11 thru 19 August. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Name: OuroborosCobra, son of Koltar
Gender: Male
DOB: 1985
Origin: Qo'noS
Current Location: Krios (with a female metamorph)
Occupation: Chemicals are fun
Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine
Favorite Movie: ST VI: The Undiscovered Country
Favorite Species: Klingons
Times mistaken for an admin: 10
Memory Alpha: Babel
This user is a native speaker of English.
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OuroborosCobra is 22 years old, and has been a Trek fan that entire time. This was helped by encouragement from his parents, both of whom were fans and watched starting with The Original Series. From the age of three years old he was known to play with my food by making "phasers" out of bread, or pretending that when driving through tunnels he was traveling through a wormhole.

OuroborosCobra is just as much of a fan today as he was then, if not more. He is especially interested in technology of Star Trek. He have often spent hours thinking about warp drive and other things. He loves learning about all of the classes of ships seen.

If you want to contact me, you can often find me on the MA IRC channel, where I am usually signed on as OuroborosCobra, or Cobra|"something" (like Cobra|Editing, or Cobra|Sleeping). If I'm not around, or if I don't respond, leave a note for me on my User talk page.

I really like the Klingons. For information on this, and other opinions and conjecture of mine on Star Trek, see my subpage. It is still under construction, so be warned. Also, no Ferengi allowed (except for Quark).

On Wikipedia he is also known as OuroborosCobra, although he has not made many contributions there yet.

This user's MA rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Major Contributions


Star Systems


See also OuroborosCobra/Comics project

Minor Contributions

Bloopers/Nitpicks Redone

These are episodes where I have either re-written bloopers/nitpicks for professionalism, or removed them because they were simply so terrible.

The Original Series


  • Turkey (created, links all re-done)

Current Work

  • Expanding the chemical compounds list.
  • Creating pages for all the star systems that I can.
  • Re-writing bloopers/nitpicks in the episode guides, removing the ones that are hopeless.
  • Replacing images from Star Trek: Armada with better ones, as well as uploading some new ones of different characters/important scenes.
  • Writing an article for bathrooms.
  • Creating articles for the DC TNG volume 2 comics.

Stuff On My Radar

Occasionally, I will run into an article where I think something is wrong, but I am not entirely sure, and I have no way on my own to confirm it. Examples of these are background notes for episodes where people say something is based off of Monty Python, but then do not give a reference, or an attribute being given to a species, etc. Rather than immediately remove the error myself, I put a question into the talk page, and wait a few days. If no one responds with further evidence, or no one simply fixes the error themselves, then I will eventually take action. Once I have made a fix, I will leave the item here (marked fixed) for a few days, until the fix is either accepted, or a better one comes along. Here is what is currently on my radar:

Images I Have Contributed

Where My Name Comes From

My name is actually two parts, Ouroboros and Cobra:


I am a college student working towards a chemistry major. I love chemistry. I love learning about the world around me, and how it works. I love working in a lab. I love research, discovery. I love... etc. What does Ouroboros have to do with this? Ouroboros a symbol for infinite, a snake biting its own tail. In chemistry, it is known for its role in the story of the discovery of the structure of benzene, one of the most important structures in organic chemistry. It is said that Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz, a 19th century chemist, went to sleep one night while working on determining the structure for benzene. That night, he had a dream with snakes biting their own tails, Ouroboros. He woke up, and realized that was the answer.

I wanted something related to chemistry that also sounded cool. Ouroboros was it.


Cobra is from the other half of my life. Since I was 12 years old, I have been a member of something called Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. I joined as a cadet, and have achieved a great deal. Maybe I will go into more details into my achievements in a future edit. Back when I first joined, when I was a Cadet Basic in rank, I was part of a Basic Flight (flight is a small organizational group). My flight was about 13 cadets. A few weeks into our basic training, we were given the opportunity to name our flight. We decided on the name "Cobra." Since then, that has been a special name for me. Eight and a half years on, and I am the only one left from that flight. I am the last of Cobra.

Saved Quotes

We are the Jorg. Lower your keyboards and surrender your mice. We will ban your psychological and humourlogical distinctiveness from our own. Your culture will adapt to cease editing. Vandalizing is futile. --Me

From IRC on 6 February 2007:

[16:01] <gvsualan> !ask
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> What TNG stand-in actor was the character "Crewman Number 6" in the film Galaxy Quest a tribute to?
[16:01] <JorgH> Guy Vardaman
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> 3 points for JorgH (total: 300). The correct answer was Guy Vardaman
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> JorgH is promoted to Lieutenant Commander!
[16:01] <JorgH> lol
[16:01] <gvsualan> wow...

From IRC on 24 March 2007

<bp0> will you accept "it doesnt feel right"?
<bp0> heh
<OuroborosCobra> some Vulcan you are
<OuroborosCobra> Surak would bitch slap you
<gvsualan> he's afraid of a little experimenting...mano y mano...i guess
<bp0> heh
<EnzoAquarius> Surak would whoop your a$$

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