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<big>StarCraft 2 is coming!!!!</big><br>
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<big>I will be away from 11 thru 19 August. I apologize for any inconvenience.</big><br>
[[Image:Klingon Empire logo.png|left|150px|Symbol of my people]]
{| class="wiki-sidebar"
| colspan="2" style="text-align: center" |[[Image:Antaak.jpg|200px|Me, in a good mood...]]
| class="odd" | Name:
| class="even" | OuroborosCobra, son of Koltar
| class="odd" | Gender:
| class="even" | Male
| class="odd" | DOB:
| class="even" | 1985
| class="odd" | Origin:
| class="even" | Qo'noS
| class="odd" | Current Location:
| class="even" | Krios (with a female metamorph)
| class="odd" | Occupation:
| class="even" | Chemicals are fun
| class="odd" | Favorite Series:
| class="even" | Deep Space Nine
| class="odd" | Favorite Movie:
| class="even" | ST VI: ''The Undiscovered Country''
| class="odd" | Favorite Species:
| class="even" | Klingons
| class="odd" | Times mistaken for an admin:
| class="even" | 10
'''OuroborosCobra''' is 22 years old, and has been a Trek fan that entire time. This was helped by encouragement from his parents, both of whom were fans and watched starting with The Original Series. From the age of three years old he was known to play with my food by making "phasers" out of bread, or pretending that when driving through tunnels he was traveling through a wormhole.
OuroborosCobra is just as much of a fan today as he was then, if not more. He is especially interested in technology of Star Trek. He have often spent hours thinking about warp drive and other things. He loves learning about all of the classes of ships seen.
If you want to contact me, you can often find me on the [irc:// MA IRC channel], where I am usually signed on as OuroborosCobra, or Cobra|"something" (like Cobra|Editing, or Cobra|Sleeping). If I'm not around, or if I don't respond, leave a note for me on my [[User talk:OuroborosCobra|User talk]] page.
I really like the Klingons. For information on this, and other opinions and conjecture of mine on Star Trek, see my [[User:OuroborosCobra/PageII|subpage]]. It is still under construction, so be warned. Also, no Ferengi allowed (except for Quark).
On Wikipedia he is also known as OuroborosCobra, although he has not made many contributions there yet.
:''This user's MA rank is [[Lieutenant Junior Grade]].''
==Major Contributions==
<div style="overflow:auto;height:230px;width:100%;float:left;-moz-border-radius-topleft:1em;border:1px solid black;padding-left:.5em;background-color:#333333;">
*[[rain|Rain]] (created)
*[[Minister of State]] (created)
*[[Star Trek: Armada]] (I did not create it, but I did a vast expansion of the descriptions of the ships, increased the accuracy of the mission descriptions, and removed some incorrect information)
*[[Chemical compounds]] list (I have added 74 so far, hope to help have it made into a category)
*[[Multitronic]] (created)
*[[Research administrations]] (created by splitting off another article)
*[[Research and scientific educational institutions]] (created by splitting off another article)
*[[Research facilities]] (created by splitting off another article)
*[[Science prizes]] (created by splitting off another article)
*[[Scientists]] (created by splitting off another article)
*[[:Category: Memory Alpha images (Klingons)]] (did not create, but have added over a hundred, probably several hundred by the time I finish)
*[[Guidance and navigation relay]] (created, also was article 20,000)
*[[Acute cellular breakdown]] (I did not create it, but I rewrote it from scratch)
*[[F-5 Tiger II]] (created)
*[[Coridan aircraft]] (created)
*[[Bolian vessel]] (created)
*[[SID]] (created)
*[[Kotakian ship]] (created)
*[[Benzethonium chloride]] (created)
===Star Systems===
*[[Adelphous system]] (created)
*[[Angel system]] (created)
*[[Barisa system]] (created)
*[[Barkon system]] (created)
*[[Barson system]] (created)
*[[Barzan system]] (created)
*[[Campor system]] (created)
*[[Castal system]] (created)
*[[Celtris system]] (created)
*[[Cestus system]] (created)
*[[Coltar system]] (created)
*[[Corinth system]] (created)
*[[Dramian system]] (created)
*[[Lysian system]] (created)
*[[Mordan system]] (created)
*[[Tarsas system]] (created)
See also [[User:OuroborosCobra/Comics project|OuroborosCobra/Comics project]]
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #1 "[[Return to Raimon]]" (created and expanded)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #2 "[[Murder, Most Foul]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #3 "[[The Derelict]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #4 "[[The Hero Factor]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #5 "[[Serafin's Survivors]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #6 "[[Shadows in the Garden]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #7 "[[The Pilot]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #8 "[[The Battle Within]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #9 "[[The Pay Off!]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #11 "[[The Impostor]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #12 "[[Whoever Fights Monsters]]" (created)
*[[DC TNG volume 2]] #13 "[[The Hand of the Assassin!]]" (created)
<br clear=all>
==Minor Contributions==
<div style="overflow:auto;height:230px;width:100%;float:left;-moz-border-radius-topleft:1em;border:1px solid black;padding-left:.5em;background-color:#333333;">
* [[Special:Contributions/OuroborosCobra|'''Other recent contributions''']]
* Early in the morning of 13 June 2006 I fought and won the Great Appearence/Appearance War. This was my [[Tribble]] war. I eradicated all of the instances of "appearance" and "appearances" misspelled as "appearence" and "appearences." To this day, I still sing songs of the Great Hunt. The hunt continued on 17 August 2006.
* Along with [[User:Jaz|Jaz]], I started the work with adding "realworld" templates to the performers pages. Our work was eventually finished by [[User:Kobi|Kobi]]'s bot, [[User:Morn|Morn]].
* [[Wells class]] (correcting weapons, moving information to background speculation)
* [[USS Relativity]] (same as Wells class)
* [[Solari]] (expanded enough to not be a stub)
* [[Multi-spatial force field]] (helped a lot with formatting and other fixing)
* [[Feline supplement]] (revamped)
* [[United States Army Air Corps]] (created by splitting off from [[United States Army]])
* [[Magus III]] (created by splitting off from [[Makus III]]
* {{tl|ReligiousTexts}} (created)
* {{tl|StarTrekParodies}} (created, but original idea from [[User:Bp|Bp]])
===Bloopers/Nitpicks Redone===
These are episodes where I have either re-written bloopers/nitpicks for professionalism, or removed them because they were simply so terrible.
====The Original Series====
* [[Where No Man Has Gone Before]]
* [[The Corbomite Maneuver]]
* [[The Naked Time]]
* [[Charlie X]]
* [[What Are Little Girls Made Of?]]
* [[Dagger of the Mind]]
* [[The Conscience of the King]]
* [[The Galileo Seven]]
* [[Court Martial]]
* [[The Menagerie, Part I]]
* [[Shore Leave]]
* [[The Squire of Gothos]]
* [[Arena]]
* [[Journey to Babel]]
* [[Turkey]] (created, links all re-done)
<br clear=all>
==Current Work==
*Expanding the chemical compounds list.
*Creating pages for all the star systems that I can.
*Re-writing bloopers/nitpicks in the episode guides, removing the ones that are hopeless.
*Replacing images from [[Star Trek: Armada]] with better ones, as well as uploading some new ones of different characters/important scenes.
*Writing an article for [[bathroom]]s.
*Creating articles for the [[DC TNG volume 2]] comics.
===Stuff On My Radar===
Occasionally, I will run into an article where I think something is wrong, but I am not entirely sure, and I have no way on my own to confirm it. Examples of these are background notes for episodes where people say something is based off of Monty Python, but then do not give a reference, or an attribute being given to a species, etc. Rather than immediately remove the error myself, I put a question into the talk page, and wait a few days. If no one responds with further evidence, or no one simply fixes the error themselves, then I will eventually take action. Once I have made a fix, I will leave the item here (marked fixed) for a few days, until the fix is either accepted, or a better one comes along. Here is what is currently on my radar:
==Images I Have Contributed==
Image:USSEquinox2375.jpg|[[Nova class]] ([[USS Equinox]] in [[2375]].)
Image:Ensign miral paris.jpg|[[Ensign]] [[Miral Paris]] (as appeared in an [[alternate timeline]] in [[2404]])
Image:FedPremonition.jpg|The USS ''Premonition'' (from the non-[[canon]] [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Klingon NuQ'Duj.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Klingon NuQ'Duj class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Klingon SuQ'jagh.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Klingon SuQ'jagh class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Klingon Fek'lhr armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Klingon Fek'lhr class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Klingon Jach'eng.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Klingon Jach'eng class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Romulan Shrike Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Romulan Shrike class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Romulan Raptor Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Romulan Raptor class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Romulan Griffin Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Romulan Griffin class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Romulan Shadow Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Romulan Shadow class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Romulan Phoenix Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Romulan Phoenix class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Borg Detector Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Borg Detector class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Borg Assimilator Armada.jpg|The non-[[canon]] Borg Assimilator class (from [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Locutus reborn Armada.jpg|[[Locutus]] ressurected using [[Dominion]] [[clone|cloning]] technology (from the non-[[canon]] [[Star Trek: Armada]])
Image:Enterprise A.jpg|The [[USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)|USS ''Enterprise''-A]]
Image:Kirk 2293.JPG|[[James T. Kirk]] in [[2293]]
Image:Iks kronos one.jpg|The [[IKS Kronos One|IKS ''Kronos One'']]
Image:Sc04-interior.jpg|The [[SC-4]]'s interior
Image:Bell Riots hostages.jpg|[[Hostage]]s during the [[Bell Riots]]
Image:Hasperat.jpg|[[Bajoran]] [[hasperat]]
Image:Hasperat souffle.jpg|[[Bajoran]] [[hasperat souffle]]
Image:Geordi La Forge Tarchannen III species.jpg|[[Geordi La Forge]] transformed into a member of the [[Tarchannen III species]]
Image:Dreadnought attacks.jpg|[[Cardassian ATR-4107|Dreadnought]] attacks [[Rakosan fighter]]s
Image:F-5 Tiger II.jpg|An [[F-5 Tiger II]]
Image:De-flag.gif|German flag icon
Image:Es-flag.gif|Spanish flag icon
Image:Eo-flag.gif|Esperanto flag icon
Image:Fr-flag.gif|French flag icon
Image:Nl-flag.gif|Netherlands flag icon
Image:Pl-flag.gif|Polish flag icon
Image:Sr-flag.gif|Serbian flag icon
Image:Sv-flag.gif|Swedish flag icon
Image:Baking soda.jpg|Can of baking soda
Image:Flashlight, Little Green Men.jpg|A 20th century Earth flashlight
Image:Kligat01.jpg|A [[kligat]] from [[Capella IV]]
Image:38special.jpg|A [[.38 police special]]
Image:Ru-flag.gif|Russia flag icon
Image:Cs-flag.gif|Czech flag icon
Image:Coridan aircraft.jpg|A rebel [[Coridan aircraft]]
Image:Toreth.jpg|Commander [[Toreth]]
Image:Janeway-as-Arachnia.jpg|Janeway as [[Arachnia]]
Image:Colt M1911A1, The Killing Game, Part II.jpg|A [[Colt 1911A1]]
Image:Return to Raimon cover.jpg|Cover for "[[Return to Raimon]]"
Image:Murder, Most Foul cover.jpg|Cover for "[[Murder, Most Foul]]"
Image:The Derelict cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Derelict]]"
Image:The Hero Factor cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Hero Factor]]"
Image:Serafin's Survivors cover.jpg|Cover for "[[Serafin's Survivors]]"
Image:Shadows in the Garden cover.jpg|Cover for "[[Shadows in the Garden]]"
Image:The Pilot cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Pilot]]"
Image:The Battle Within cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Battle Within]]"
Image:The Pay Off! cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Pay Off!]]"
Image:The Impostor cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Impostor]]"
Image:Whoever Fights Monsters cover.jpg|Cover for "[[Whoever Fights Monsters]]"
Image:The Hand of the Assassin! cover.jpg|Cover for "[[The Hand of the Assassin!]]"
Image:Unicomplex2.jpg|The Borg [[Unicomplex]]
Image:Seven of Nine and Dauntless Quantum Slipstream Drive.jpg|Seven and the Slipstream drive
Image:Hugh body.jpg|[[Hugh]]'s apparently sexy body (all the ladies want him)
Image:Teplan blight virus.jpg|The [[Teplan blight]] virus
Image:Bajoran tricorder.jpg|A [[Bajoran tricorder]]
Image:Unnamed Cardassian, The Circle.jpg|An [[Unnamed Cardassians#Cardassian (2370)|unnamed Cardassian]]
==Where My Name Comes From==
My name is actually two parts, Ouroboros and Cobra:
I am a college student working towards a chemistry major. I love chemistry. I love learning about the world around me, and how it works. I love working in a lab. I love research, discovery. I love... etc. What does Ouroboros have to do with this? Ouroboros a symbol for infinite, a snake biting its own tail. In chemistry, it is known for its role in the story of the discovery of the structure of [[benzene]], one of the most important structures in organic chemistry. It is said that Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz, a 19th century chemist, went to sleep one night while working on determining the structure for benzene. That night, he had a dream with snakes biting their own tails, Ouroboros. He woke up, and realized that was the answer.
I wanted something related to chemistry that also sounded cool. Ouroboros was it.
Cobra is from the other half of my life. Since I was 12 years old, I have been a member of something called [[Wikipedia:Civil Air Patrol|Civil Air Patrol]], the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. I joined as a cadet, and have achieved a great deal. Maybe I will go into more details into my achievements in a future edit. Back when I first joined, when I was a Cadet Basic in rank, I was part of a Basic Flight (flight is a small organizational group). My flight was about 13 cadets. A few weeks into our basic training, we were given the opportunity to name our flight. We decided on the name "Cobra." Since then, that has been a special name for me. Eight and a half years on, and I am the only one left from that flight. I am the last of Cobra.
==Saved Quotes==
:''We are the Jorg. Lower your keyboards and surrender your mice. We will ban your psychological and humourlogical distinctiveness from our own. Your culture will adapt to cease editing. Vandalizing is futile.'' --Me
From IRC on 6 February 2007:
<pre>[16:01] <gvsualan> !ask
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> What TNG stand-in actor was the character "Crewman Number 6" in the film Galaxy Quest a tribute to?
[16:01] <JorgH> Guy Vardaman
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> 3 points for JorgH (total: 300). The correct answer was Guy Vardaman
[16:01] <DYKBot|mirror> JorgH is promoted to Lieutenant Commander!
[16:01] <JorgH> lol
[16:01] <gvsualan> wow...</pre>
From IRC on 24 March 2007
<pre><bp0> will you accept "it doesnt feel right"?
<bp0> heh
<OuroborosCobra> some Vulcan you are
<OuroborosCobra> Surak would bitch slap you
<gvsualan> he's afraid of a little experimenting...mano y mano...i guess
<bp0> heh
<EnzoAquarius> Surak would whoop your a$$</pre>
==External Links==
* - DeviantART, where I have artwork of 3D spacecraft that I made

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